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After discussion and thought, we agreed that relocation was a subject that applied to almost everyone at SIT and therefore designed a training concentrating on the various aspects of relocation such as types of moves, how they affect the person moving, practical knowledge, the adaptation process and relationship building in a relocation context. The trainers were a group of Euro-American women and the participants were a group of seven U.S. American women and two Canadian women. The training on relocation was intended to afford the participants the opportunity to enhance their skills knowledge and awareness about relocation. By using the knowledge and experiences that the participants had, based on the theories of experiential learning, the participants were able to better understand their past relocations and better assess their future relocation needs. Using the various experiences that the participants had, the training focused on participants' evaluation of previous factors involved in their moves that helped and hindered their relocation process. After re-evaluating past relocations, participants were able to apply new insights to successfully relocate in the future.