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Submissions from 2012

Régulations de l’Usage et de la Possession de Terre: Exploration de l'Efficacité des Règles Officielles Concernant la Gestion de Terre et Perceptions des Lois par les Habitants d’Andranomena Dans la Région Menabe, Ben Armstrong , University of Puget Sound

Managing the Family and the Market: A Case Study of Subsistence Farmers’ Local Economic Activities, Erika Roos , Northwestern University

Submissions from 2011

The Impact of QMM on Social Relations in Fort-Dauphin, Christopher B. Collier , University of Georgia

Tafasiry: Theater as a Tool for the Conservation of Malagasy Oral Tales, Cassandra Stroud , Barnard College

Submissions from 2010

Guano Exploitation in Madagascar, Christina Buliga , Smith College

Les Impacts de l’Éco-Tourisme sur la Population de Ranohira: Étude de Cas du Parc National de l’Isalo, Benjamin Cook , Colby College

Malagasy Conceptions of Good Governance and Democracy, Molly Fredrickson , University of Evansville

Submissions from 2008

Le Développement de Perceptions: Une Etude sur les Opinions Concernant les Zones Franches à Madagascar, Victoria Mallett , Guilford College

Romancing Dahalo: The Social Environment of Cattle Theft in Ihorombe, Madagascar, John McNair , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Economics, Epidemics & Eradication: A Case Study of Malaria in Madagascar, Kathleen Minton , Colby College

Submissions from 2007

Songs From Imerina: A Creative Study of the Evolving Craft of Merina Hainteny in Madagascar, Elly Bookman , Colby College

Lambahoany: Une Utile de Communication, Joanna Bresee , Carnegie Mellon University

Environment as Social and Literary Constructs: An Exploration of the Relationship between the Environment and Mahafaly Oral Literature, Eugenie Cha , Bard College

To Live With the Sea: Community-Based Management of Marine Resources in Southwest Madagascar, Hannah Pitt , Northwestern University

Helping Women Help Themselves: Sex Work, Health, and Development in Mahajanga, Madagascar, Rachel Pryzby , Smith College

Submissions from 2006

A Separate World: Conflicts Between Malagasy Society and the Mentally Handicapped, Jesse Travis , Austin College