Copyright permissions have been obtained by all contributors to this collection.

Submissions from 2014

Modern Portraits of Childbirth in Exile in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala: A Melding of Tradition and Innovation, Luna Adler , Barnard College

Livelihood Strategies of People in the Himalayan Region of Nepal: A Study in the Villages of Eastern Manang, Prashanta Chhetri , Lehigh University

The Sacred Practice of Patra, Rob Granfelt , Macalester College

Immaterial Traditions: Evolving Values in the Practice & Preservation of Bhutanese Calligraphy, Madeline Johnson , Bennington College

Communicating a Healthier Tomorrow An Analysis of the Integrative Healthcare System in Bhutan and Patient Healthcare Seeking Patterns, Drew Maakestad , College of Wooster

Organic Agriculture in Bhutan: Barriers Going to 100%, Mark McCrae-Hokenson , Macalester College

Submissions from 2013

What Happens After Chelibeti Bechbikhan: A Study of the Reintegration and Rehabilitation Process for Women who Have Been Trafficked or Sexually Exploited in Nepal, Mary Mackenna Bowles , Rollins College

Production, Culture, and Representation: An Anthropological Exploration of Food in Kathmandu, Nepal, Blair Brady , Tufts University

Evolving Stages: Duty and Fate in the Construction of Tibetan Tradition, Divya Chandramouli , Mount Holyoke College

The Social Lives of Pots and Potters in the Kathmandu Valley, Briana Foley , Reed College

From Exquisite to Extinct: Linguistic Human Rights in the Tibetan Diaspora || Tibetan Pragmatics, Standardization Ethics and Obligatory Bilingualism, Camille Zora Inge , Barnard College

Stories of the Stars: The History and Folklore of Tibetan Ethnoastronomy, Mara Johnson-Groh , Gustavus Adolphus College

Bhikshunis and Breaking Barriers: The Changing Status of Women in Monastic Life, McKenna LeClear , University of Tulsa

Oxen and Elephants: An Examination of Approaches to Enlightenment and Dialogue Between Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Alexander Macmillan , Middlebury College

Upload Complete Syncing the Thunder Dragon: An Analysis of Bhutanese Media and its Influences on a Changing Culture, Brian McQueen , St. Michael's College

Blood, Self-sufficiency, and the Government Dime, Elijah Ober , Bowdoin College

Preserving Tradition: Analyzing the Commoditization of Cultural Identity Through Beauty Pageants Among Ethnic Minority Groups in Kathmandu, Martha Oster-Beal , College of Wooster

Illuminating rlung: The Vital Energy of Tibetan Medicine, Alma Rominger , Tufts University

A Village National: The Transformative Potential of Fortifying the Preexisting Structures of an Organic Nepal, Alexandra Sarazen , University of Colorado at Boulder

Beyond Ramaluk: Towards a more Inclusive view of Identity in the Tibetan Diaspora, Shani Shih , George Washington University

Teaching Pain: The Methods, Benefits and Challenges of Teaching Tibetan Refugee Students About Tibet Since the Chinese Invasion, Mira Smith , Brandeis University

From Pokhara to Kandahar: The Two Hundred Year Journey of the Force That Made Nepal Famous, Elijah Wohl , Macalester College

Submissions from 2012

Refractions: Poems Through the Prism of Proscription, Kayla Ahmed , George Washington University

Bent out of Shape Embodied Knowledge in the Art of Copper Repoussé, Tierney Brown , George Washington University

Lost in Translation Teaching, Translation, and Transliteration Of Amchi Medicine in Nepal, Hannah McGehee , Dartmouth University

Hydro Power, People Power: Hydroelectricity’s Potential for Community Development, with a Focus on the Khimti 1 Project, Amelia Prior , George Washington University

Inferno in the Land of Snows: A Holistic Investigation of Tibetan Self-Immolation Through a Tibetan Perspective, Eric Regalbuto , DePaul University

Christianitea: The Evolution of a Religious Identity on Tea Plantations in Darjeeling, Traci Spacek , Beloit College

Chogyal's Sikkim: Tax, Land & Clan Politics, Hong Tran , Yale University

Submissions from 2011

Tattered: Why the Tibetan Carpet Industry of Nepal Is Declining, and How To Mend It, Dustin Becker , The George Washington University

Above the Mukpa: The Shifting Ground of Khumbu's Sacred Geography, Noah Brautigam , Middlebury College

Validating the Culture of Agriculture: Farmers Groups and Organic Agriculture Mitigating Rural to Urban Migration in Bhutan, Emma Dosch , Allegheny College

Claiming MANASLU: The Agency of a Rural Community in Nepal’s Developing Mountain Tourism Industry, Sierra Gladfelter , Temple University

We Are What We Eat: A Sherpa Cookbook, Renee Horen , University of Richmond

When Mountain Bellies Grow Round: Localized Knowledge and Behaviors Facilitating Pregnancy and Childbirth in Phaphlu, Nepal, Cailin Marsden , Marlboro College

Narrative, Embodiment, and Choice: An Ethnographic Study of Identity and Abortion in a Community of Tibetan Exiles, Shannon Ward , Wellesley College

Like the Roar of a Thousand Thunders: Instrumental Music and Creativity in Tibetan Buddhist Ritual, Eben Yonnetti , Siena College

Submissions from 2010

A Trekker’s Guide to the Khumbu Himalaya: Trailside Geology Along the Everest Base Camp Trek, Brigit Anderson , Bates College

Frontier: The Making of the Northern and Eastern Border in Ladakh From 1834 to the Present, Jonathan M. Deng , Washington University in St. Louis

Crouching Tiger Hidden Goiter Belt: A Critique of Health Care and Universal Salt Iodization in the Tsum Valley, Julian Goetz and Vanessa Soetanto , Binghamton University, Williams College

Views From the Road: An Inquiry Into the Meaning of Development in Lower Mustang, Tracy Pecher , Fordham University

The Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange: The Importance of Youth in Exile and Diaspora Communities, Jade Sank , Brandeis University

Border Conflict and Tibet: The Asian Giants and Their History of Power Struggle, Evan Towt , Franklin & Marshall College

Submissions from 2009

Churning the Ocean of Milk: The Role of Vocal Composition in Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Music, Gabriel Gordon , Wesleyan University

Reserved Women: The Implementation and Efficacy of a Reserved Seat Quota for Women in the Tibetan Parliament in Exile, Carolyn Griffiths , Bates College

“I Didn’t Feel Like Living”: The Prevalence, Perceptions, and Prevention of HIV/AIDS Among Tibetan Refugees in Kathmandu, Caitlin MacLeod-Bluver , Wesleyan University

Know Your Enemy: Tibetan Perceptions of and Approaches to Chinese Studies in Exile, Katherine Mechling , Wesleyan University

Colorful Nothing: Mind & Matter in the Madhyamaka, Jimmy Pianka , Tufts University

Tibetan Carpets…Or Are They? An Analysis of the Carpet Industry in Kathmandu, Nepal, Swetha Ramaswamy , The George Washington University

History of Tibetan and Exile Radio, Irene Richardson , Tufts University

Submissions from 2008

Taming the Mind: Current Mental Health Treatments and Obstacles to Expanding the Western-Model in a Tibetan Exile Community, Dylan Brock , New York University

Tibetan Medicine: Carving a Niche in the Modern Medical and Scientific Community, Devon Marie Fitzgerald , Kenyon College

Submissions from 2007

Changing Channels: The Bhutanese Middle Path Approach to Television, Kate Linthicum , Barnard College

Priming the Printing Press: The Growing Print Media in Bhutan, Philippa Wood , George Washington University

Submissions from 2005

Avoid Cold: A Brief Look at Tibetan Medical Practice and Ideals Compared to Modern Allopathic Medical Treatment Through a Study and Analysis of the Essential Tremor, Graham Brant-Zawadzki , Stanford University

“Oh Uncle Pema!” The Role of Musical Agency in the Creation of a Modern Tibetan Identity, Tracy Ellwanger , New York University