Copyright permissions have been obtained by all contributors to this collection.

Submissions from 2014

Learning how to fly The intersectionality of religion, culture and gender of the Samoan Baha’i Community, Detmer Yens Kremer, Bates College

H.E.A.P.S. in Advances Towards a Healthier Samoa The Health Education and Promotions Section’s Role in Combating Non-communicable Diseases, Kara Le, Bates College

Challenges to Women in Political Leadership in Samoa, Kiki Martire, Washington and Lee University

Stories of Tufuga ta Tatau, Drea Miesnieks, University of Colorado At Boulder

Lighting Young Lights: The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program in Samoa, Nicholas Muccio, Bates College

She Shoots, and She Scores: Women and Sports in Samoa, Taylor Thorp, College of Wooster

Submissions from 2013

Impacts on the Contemporary Visual Arts Community in Samoa, Sarah Cancelarich, Bates College

Integrating Music into Samoan Primary Schools: Teachers’ Perceptions and Potential Benefits, Jennifer Fortin, Saint Michael’s College

Fa’amatala Lau Tala: Samoan Pregnancy and Childbirth Narratives, Elsa Kendall, Beloit College

Reading, Writing and Resources: The Conditions of Creativity, Mariclaire O’Neill, St. Michael's College

The Following Sea: Cultural Perceptions and Knowledge on Traditional Sailing in Sāmoa, Connor Olin Ventling, Bates College

Vulnerability, Environmental Security, and Adaptation Awareness in Samoa, Katie Williams, Colgate University

Submissions from 2012

Perspectives of Print Media in Samoa: Considering Varying Viewpoints on its Role in Society, Grace Elkus, Elon University

Perceptions of Wealth and Poverty in Samoa, William Glass, Rollins College

Beauty in the Indigenous Pageant The Cultural and Social Relevance of Miss Samoa, Mariko Hamashima, Vassar College

Responsible Tourism in Samoa: An Exploration of Attitudes in Samoa Towards Responsibility in Tourism, Teresa Kline, Franklin & Marshall College

Preparing for the Worst: Disaster Preparedness Education in Samoa, Zoe Nemerever, Lafayette College

The Current Status of Maternal Health in Samoa: Maternal Health Perspectives According to Professionals and Women, Yesenia Pedro Vicente, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Heaven and Earth” Samoan Indigenous Religion, Christianity, and the Relationship Between the Samoan People and the Environment, Grace Wildermuth, Middlebury College

Submissions from 2011

Seawalls in Samoa: A Look at Their Environmental, Social and Economic Implications, Sawyer Lawson, Bates College

Experiencing Samoa Through Stories: Myths and Legends of a People and Place, Samantha Lichtenberg, Skidmore College

“ Gimme SAMOA That!”: The Changing Diet in Samoa, Dana Melby, University of Colorado at Boulder

Submissions from 2010

Persecution of Religious Minorities in Samoa: The Bahá’ís Struggle to Face a Common Problem, Zoe Bryan, Bates College

NGO’s: The Voice of the People: The Relationship Between Government and Civil Society in a Samoan “Democracy”, Dani Karnoff, University of Pittsburgh

Conditional Acceptance: Asserting Fa’afafine Claims to Legitimacy in Samoan Society, Teake, Harvard University

Submissions from 2009

The Efficacy of Climate Change Projects in Samoa: Evaluating Community-Based Adaptation Initiatives, Marisa Chock, Brown University

“Samoanizing” Human Rights: A Generational Comparative of Views on Human Rights in Contemporary Samoa, Margaret R. Smith, Hamilton College

Submissions from 2008

Beach Fales: Sustainable Eco-Tourism and Cultural Preservation in Samoa: A Case Study of Beach Fales in Manase, Savai’i, Rachel Dolgin, University of Vermont

Waste Management Education in Samoa: A Collection of Case Studies on Present Issues, Kathy Feeney, Swarthmore College

Emotional Expression: Poems and Pacific Voices, Anna Lane Harmless, DePauw University

Samoa’s Tree of Life: A Study of the Roles of Coconut Products in the Samoan Economy, Past and Present, Dale Hoff, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Traditions in Transition: A Musical Perspective in a Changing, Developing Samoa, Colin Kiley, University of Oregon

Samoa: A Truly Religious Place? Views Toward Religion in Samoa, Angelica Saada, Swarthmore College

Submissions from 2007

Fueling Samoa’s Growing Transport Sector: The Impact of Rising Oil Prices and Imports on a Pacific Island Economy, Janis McDaid Ikeda, Lehigh University

Beyond the Classroom: The Implementation of Creative Movement and Music in Schools for the Disabled, Rachel Katz, Bates College

Speaking to the Past and Future: Generational Communication and Changing Verbal Discourse in Samoa, Spencer Naar, University of Puget Sound

Submissions from 2006

Current Issues in Healthcare in Samoa “Making-Do With What Is Available”, Veronica Braden, University of Colorado at Boulder

Malo le Folauga Brain Drain: A New Perspective, Mirna Carrillo, Occidental College

Contemporary Art in Samoa: The Role of Personal Expression, Christina Cioffari, Skidmore College

Faleoloa Laititi: The Role of Small Shops in a Developing Samoa, Nicholas K. Courtney, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mormonism in Samoa: Cultural Dialogues, Jessica Goman, Macalester College

Samoanizing My Fa’apalagi : The Indigenization of Language in Samoa, Cheryl Nunes, Swarthmore College

Submissions from 2004

Communalism to Consumerism: Consumer Culture in Samoa, Amelia Neptune, Pitzer College

McDonald’s and Samoan Youth: A Case Study of Globalization, Anna Schechter, Bates College