Degree Name

MA in Conflict Transformation

First Advisor

John Ungerleider


Conflict studies show that the components of identity are interrelated to sources and dynamics of conflict in intricate ways. This study self-reflectively explores a way of reflecting on identity from the links between conflict and identity through a qualitative study of the five stories of the conflicting relationships in Nepal. By analyzing the stories collected through in-depth interviews with Nepali peace workers, an element of power in group differences was noted. This illustrated the challenge of having the voices of those being marginalized heard amongst conflicting issues around them. Those that were interviewed also struggled with the challenge of having access to spaces to address conflicting issues. On the contrary, the analysis of the stories also indicated an element of power in courage and solidarity through the voices and mobility towards change. The study links the elements of power to the voices and mobility of people as a way of reflecting on identity.


Asian Studies | Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Research | Family, Life Course, and Society | International and Area Studies | Sociology | Sociology of Culture


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