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This paper details the journey of one teacher’s career. Through the lens of reflective practice, the paper focuses on how developing an awareness of the process in one’s teaching is a necessary and relevant condition for understanding the product or “end-result” and how this awareness, in turn, enables one to become a more aware and effective teacher. The writing includes personal reflections and examines the “self” of the teacher and how experiencing both the “highs” and “lows” in one’s teaching contribute to understanding and learning to teach, “who you are” (Parker Palmer). It analyzes the teacher’s “growth” and the pivotal points, along a diverging road, initiating fruitions, some of which were triggered by the teacher himself and some by guidance from others. The teacher’s words paint an evolving picture, colored with passion and an inner desire to DO and to BE more.


Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development