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In my two years as a teacher of Advanced Placement Spanish Literature, I have developed a variety of activities intended to help my students form a lasting connection with the depth and magnificence of literature written in the language of Cervantes.

In May 2003, the College Board presented a new AP Spanish Literature exam and program that requires the study and analysis of a widely expanded list of works. The challenge of covering this enormous volume of material in one school year inspired me to be both practical and original in my instructional planning. By making the activities both useful and enjoyable, I endeavored to craft a bank of practical ideas that I could draw upon and share with other teachers in order to transmit the beauty of Spanish Literature to a class of high school students. The activities in this thesis are divided into four chapters: literary terminology, poetry, narrative, and theater. In developing the activities, I sought to incorporate the four skills and the use of technology in an experiential and creative language-learning environment for my dear students. In this way, the students could be exposed to the works and still have room to enjoy the literature and explore their own creativity.


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