Let’s Play Cards. Grammar Is Fun. (How And Why I Have Taught English To My Students)

Tomi Yukimune, School for International Training


In Japan, most students have to memorize grammar rules to pass entrance examinations to high schools as well as universities. As speaking skills are not required in those exams, many students regard grammar as nothing but rote learning. However, grammar is not dried bones but a vivid creature, which can be formed by students. Grammar can be learned with the four skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), which is addressing diverse learning styles. It can be taught with stories, poems, plays, songs, games, puppets, picture books, and playing cards.

Once students learn the rules of grammar, they will be able to enjoy the process of learning grammar and will know how to put grammar into practice by using the rules. Once students get an idea what grammar is, they will surely be able to generalize and develop it. They will be able to retain the idea of grammar and use it as a tool to understand English.