The Effects Of Acculturation On The L2 Learner

Raya C. Longto, School for International Training


This paper deals with the deconstruction of a novel (A Sprig of Lemon Blossom) written on the subject of Acculturation. Since the latter half of the twentieth century the world has traveled at an incredible speed towards globalization. Given this reality the number of people who constantly travel abroad for a variety of career and work related purposes is growing by the hour. Under the circumstances the theme of acculturation has become crucial as without an adequate form of this phenomenon people cannot function to the best of their abilities. The deconstruction of this novel addresses the three-fold process of acculturation and shows, through the example of the novel, how enriching and positive acculturation can be for a traveler and L2 learner despite the obvious obstacles and challenges that any kind of change brings into the life of a person.