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The purpose of this paper is to provide the Up With People organization with a clear and workable plan for implementing an English as a Second Language program as a part of their existing program.

The paper is presented in two parts. The first part includes a description of the Up With People program focusing on its need for an English as a Second Language program. The various benefits to UP With People are explained. Also in the first part of the paper are descriptions of two language learning programs, Spanish Language Training at Oaxtepec, Mexico, July, 1980, and The International Students of English program at Dominican College, San Rafael, California. Elements of these programs which are usable to UP With People are explained. The second part of the paper is a plan for implementation, carefully following the schedule and design of Up With People, and paying attention to the utilization of the language learning benefits already a part of the Up With People program. Areas covered include: scheduling, staffing, curriculum, materials, and a tentative budget outline.


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