Two-Week Training Course For English Language Teachers In Ukraine

Maryna Gayduchenko, School for International Training


This is a two week teacher training course for Ukrainian secondary school EFL teachers. What is innovative about this particular course is that it was designed and written by a non-native EFL teacher and trainer for non-native EFL trainees. The following advantages make its importance particularly relevant: a non-native trainer is a role model for trainees – living proof that it IS possible to master new approaches and techniques; a non-native trainer is intimately acquainted with the challenges trainees and learners face and the strategies for dealing with them. The main objective of the course is to help trainees develop new insights and attitudes towards their teaching through raising their self-awareness as learners and EFL teachers. The total length of the course is 60hours. These cover 20 hours of training sessions (modules); 3.5 hours of teaching practice; 30 hours of observations and 6.5 hours of feedback on teaching practice and observation sessions. For this teacher training course to be effective it should be used with groups of six teachers (trainees) per trainer during ten working days (two weeks). The course has been tested and updated over the period 2001 to 2003 at International House language school Kyiv, Ukraine.