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Readings in English for non-native speakers are usually simplified and controlled so that the students will not be overwhelmed by the linguistic complexity of the reading passage. For advanced English language students however, simplification is no longer useful or necessary. The student's interest in reading real material should be met by choosing material that is of high interest value. This project contains three readings which, although edited, have not been simplified. The readings have been chosen for their potential interest value to the ESL student. Exercises accompany each reading. It is the author's contention that for advanced level students, grammar and vocabulary exercises are not as important as skill-building exercises. The types of exercises used in this project are: 1. Comprehension, 2. Word Forms, 3. Cloze Passages, 4. Phrase Meaning, 5. Skimming, 6. Reading Reconstruction. An appendix contains background material which will be of interest to the teacher. Included are: SQ3R Method, Cloze Procedure and The Fourteen Master Words.


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Discourse and Text Linguistics | First and Second Language Acquisition