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"The Magnetic Sentence" is a classroom aid for teaching English as a second language. It consists of (1) a set of word-cards on which are written words, phrases, or morphemes; (2) a board for displaying these word cards; and (3) a teacher's manual.

The set is designed to show visually many common grammatical transformations by presenting them on a display board. This is done by placing the word-cards on the display board and rearranging, deleting, and adding to them to show the process involved in a transformation.

The following transformations and constructions can be shown with the set: affirmative statements, negative statements, yes-no questions, the passive voice, question-word questions, answers to question-word questions, position of adverbials, inderect speech, relative clauses, nouns used to modify nouns, two-word verbs, inderect objects, and "very", "enough", and "too."

The teacher's manual includes an explanation of the set, suggestions for using it, and instructions for constructing it.


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