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This is a course outline for a 16+hour teacher-training workshop. It is designed for about 16 participants. The purpose of the workshop is to engage teachers and prospective teachers in the processes of self evaluation, goal formation and the development/application of more effective ways to teach. This is done through a series of introspective/extra-spective exercises based on four central questions:

What kind of teacher are you now? What is teaching/learning? How do you want to be as a teacher? How can you reach your objectives?

These questions are systematically explored in four corresponding units. Some of the questions are worked on individually while others are studied in small groups and shared later with the whole group. It is lead by a single facilitator whose role is to keep the workshop running smoothly as well as to participate in the workshop himself. Each unit is accompanied with procedural notes to aid the facilitator in presenting the exercises. However, because the workshop emphasizes flexibility for individualization, the facilitator and participants are expected to take responsibility for adapting the workshop to fit their own needs as a group and as individuals.


Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching | Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Teacher Education and Professional Development