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It is my intent, in writing this, my Independent Professional Project, to present to the reader through an assortment of facts, ideas, experiences and evaluations an overview of the history, components and present status of binational centers and of the INSTITUTO BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DE YUCATAN, A.C. ; a rather in-depth discussion of the work of the Advisor to the Board of Directors ( the equivalent of Executive or Administrative Director in most other centers ) during the 1974-75 academic year, including his duties, goals and frustrations (often caused by problems of communication, culture and/or politics), and his relationship with the Board of Directors, Mexican and American governments, teachers and others.

This paper may be of at least partial interest to those concerned with binational centers, administration, United States foreign policy, and the teaching of language and culture. It also should be of interest to those who are considering applying for the position of Executive Director of a binational center or to those who may want to do so in the future.


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