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This paper consists of two parts: a syllabus for a course in Human Relations entitled "The Humanistic Teacher: A Student Directed Exploration", and introductory materials which describe the motivations for planning the course, its goals, its testing and evaluation in 1974-75, and recommendations for its further use. The course is specifically designed for use in the Master of Arts in Teaching program of the School for International Training. Its primary goal is to help students focus on the meaning of being a humanistic teacher. It is organized so that students can work by themselves or in study groups but without faculty leadership. The syllabus itself consists of a definition and five assumptions about humanistic teaching. After each assumption are listed a variety of discussions, exercises, and readings which students may use. The syllabus also offers a number of strategies for earning credit in Human Relations such as joining a study group, doing readings, planning events on campus, or contributing to the syllabus.


Curriculum and Instruction | Higher Education and Teaching | Teacher Education and Professional Development