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This project consists of two parts: the first is a "guide", which lists seven distinct subject areas that can be taught or reinforced through the use of song lyrics. These seven areas are: Grammar/Structure; Conversation; Vocabulary; Idioms, Colloquial Expressions, and Two-word verbs; Figures of Speech ( Metaphors, Similes, Personification, Allusion ); Writing; and Aural/Oral skills. The reason I refer to this as a "guide" is because it presents samples of different types of songs within each category, and suggests ways to use them.

The second part consists of thirty songs, each one of which refers back to at least one of the preceding seven sections of the guide. In some cases, if the song content merits it, more than one subject area is listed after the song for further use. Also, most of the individual song pages list additional song titles that likewise correspond to the specified subject area.

Taken as a whole, the guide and the representative songs illustrate the wide variety of topics that can be taught or reinforced by song lyrics in the teaching or ESL.


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