Publication Date


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

First Advisor

Bonnie Mennell

Second Advisor

Margaretta M. Frazier


The primary function of this paper is to provide reading materials of a religious nature for a student on a beginning or lower intermediate level. The simplified texts of the creation, of Ruth and of the birth of Jesus according to Matthew are preceded by a brief overview of structures contained therein. Along with each story are questions for vocabulary reinforcement and others designed for personal reflection. Included with each one is a glossary of terms with translations from English to Spanish. Paralleled Biblical texts from Scofield Study Bibles in English and Spanish are also included at the end of each story to round out the study designed to stimulate growth in mental, social and spiritual spheres. The project addresses a need voiced by a Spanish student at an elementary English proficiency level but it is my hope that the format or even the content of the paper might be useful as it is or that modifications it might become a source for the generation of other materials for special purpose directed at special audiences.


Biblical Studies | Communication | Linguistics | Religion