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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)


LinguaLib: Linguistic Liberation for the First Year Spanish Student This variation of Mad Libs (a popular party game in the United States) is best suited for middle high school and first year Spanish students who are learning basic vocabulary and grammatical structures. This supplemental material focuses on vocabulary and form; it also elaborates on the culture lessons introduced in most textbooks of this level. The student’s interest and self-expression is piqued when they are invited to alter the authentic meaning of an incomplete text, into their own text, which conveys an improbable message. Students are encouraged to choose from acquired vocabulary from the textbook chapter(s) and insert words into an undisclosed, culturally influenced storyline which requires correct grammatical usage; the story becomes their own, unique piece of literature. The students, in turn, are encouraged to share their piece with the class community. The author, as well as his classmates, is surprised and delighted with the humorous results of language manipulation in his creative expression.


Curriculum and Instruction | First and Second Language Acquisition | Instructional Media Design