Publication Date


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

First Advisor

Alex Silverman


This project examines the vast contributions made by Moors to the Spanish language, civilization and culture. The project will also try to clarify as to whom the Moors were, where they came from, and the specific contributions that they made during lengthy rule of Spain. This project is divided into five major sections. The introduction explains why this topic was chosen and the audience for whom the information is intended. The second section explores the background, achievements and contributions that were made by the Moors during their 800 (eight hundred) year domination of Spain. The third section addresses more specifically, the African American high school students as L2 learners. Further, the ethnic population of my primary teaching context is predominately African American. In my review of the literature on second language acquisition, I find that this population of learners is often excluded from L2 mainstream research. In the foreign language classrooms in my state (Texas), the Spanish texts that are in adoption rarely mention or even exclude materials written by black authors in the target language. Additionally, comparable attention has not been given to African cultural contributions in adopted textbooks. The intent of this project will be to use co-teaching and collaboration across the core curriculum for effecting student achievement and enlightenment in their quest for proficiency in the target language. Cultural relevance and ethnic parity (cultural congruence) are very important and necessary components in L2 instruction and acquisition. The foregoing represents the fourth section. The fifth is the conclusion. It ends with a restatement and redefinition of the many obscured and intentional distortions of historical facts related to the Moorish occupation of Spain.


African History | Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Cultural History | Curriculum and Instruction | Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature