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The small post-war former socialist country of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been under constant reform in each area of its existence for the last ten years now. The reforms concerning the education system have been of the greatest interest for me, an educator who truly believes the future of every country depends on tolerance, open-mindedness and the absence of prejudice. These three basic principles of a successful democratic society are best acquired through competent teaching in the classroom. Sharing my teaching experience and helping novice teachers develop their own knowledge, awareness, skills and attitudes has not only helped the growth of my new colleagues coming into the profession but has also enriched my own teaching repertoire as well as my personality. Working as a mentor and teacher educator in circumstances which, for most people, are far from satisfying made me realize how little is needed to start making a significant change in the world I live in. The research described in this paper has the purpose of showing my colleagues what we as working professionals can do to help the education reform in our country. It is research on mentor work with a novice teacher based on a reflective approach to teaching, with the goal of developing a ‘reflective practitioner’ with a positive attitude to learning and an awareness of the constant need for further professional improvement.


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Teacher Education and Professional Development