Publication Date


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

First Advisor

Jack Millet


This paper examines my learnings on Council, an ancient form of communication, currently being revisited and remolded to suit modern needs. In this vein I explored its application in a school environment. I describe here a year-long study of Council that took me to both Argentina and the United States. The focus is primarily on a different form of classroom management and its impact on students and their learning.

In chapter one, I give an introduction to Council, outlining its history, and providing a brief explanation of the philosophy behind it.

In chapter two, I look at my experience as a student in a graduate program where Council is used for checking in with the group.

In chapter three, I explore how I used Council in a monocultural setting in Argentina as a school administrator for conflict resolution and as an English teacher as a teaching tool for the opening and closing of class.

In chapter four, is my exploration as an English instructor of the use of Council to facilitate group communication for practicing listening and speaking skills in the United States in a multicultural classroom.

In chapter five the paper concludes with a summary of my learnings through these experiences with Council and how these have impacted my teaching.


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Psychology | Interpersonal and Small Group Communication