Publication Date


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

First Advisor

Debra Blake


This paper examines the elementary teacher’s role as a moral educator. The context is the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) in New Mexico. I have investigated the Character Counts! program, the moral education program which has been adopted and utilized by the school district. I describe the goals and rationale behind the Character Counts! program, as written about in existing documentation and literature. In addition, I have conducted interviews with individuals in APS in charge of creating and disseminating such information. I have reported on the perceived effectiveness and shortcomings of the Character Counts! program as described by the people in charge of such program implementation, school administrators (i.e. vice-principals and principals), classroom teachers, resource teachers, and other school personnel. Through information gained from surveys and taped interviews, I report what these school personnel see as their roles with regards to a.) moral education and b.) the Character Counts! program. I provide insight into how they see this role being perceived in their teaching. Finally, I provide information about the school personnel’s’ perceived professional development needs with regards to strengthening their value as moral educators.


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Elementary Education and Teaching | Teacher Education and Professional Development