Publication Date


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

First Advisor

Pat Moran

Second Advisor

Ole Andersen

Third Advisor

Tino Bech Larsen


In the field of advertising communications on a global scale seems to be largely driven and pulled by current trends of thought. And often times pushed through the pipelines of transnational, networked agencies in search of speedy, cost-efficient and unified solutions. Certainly, reaching a broad audience with the most economical route is a real concern of companies today and will continue to be the case. I beckon brand bearers, concept developers and advertisers to merely dare to consider a more nuanced set of factors prior to spinning out global campaigns. Those elements include: inquiry into the true existence of a global consumer with identical tastes, preferences and motivations, a survey of models of segmentation or groupings of consumers which are, indeed, homogeneous, an overview of advertising’s purpose of striking and ideological consensus with the target audience, a synopsis of the formation of a set of intangible associations-a brand-via advertising communications, a delineation of the detrimental aspects of advertising and finally, a look into working samples of advertisements to emphasize the real need of considering cultural variations in creating advertisements more appropriately catered to the target audience and hence more effective communications tools to support the sale and lifetime loyalty to a brand.


International and Intercultural Communication | Marketing | Public Relations and Advertising | Social Psychology