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Degree Name

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

First Advisor

Michael Jerald


Throughout my internship in Latin America I was faced with the dilemma of representing U.S. culture and civilization. This paper represents the synthesis of an introspective process of self-realization as a cultural being. The format is partially autobiographical and partially historical. The process involved the separating out of certain cultural tendencies derived from a largely materialistic background of training and replacing these with a more spiritual view of American identity which I perceived to be consistent with the original intentions of the Founders of the U.S.A. The process thus led to a more enlightened vision of U.S. culture and its role in the global community. This resulted in a common sense approach to teaching U.S. culture as it relates to other cultures. After the approach was synthesized it was discovered that Community Language Learning as outlined by Dr. Charles Curran to be consistent as an applied methodology to the assumptions of the approach.


Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Education