Publication Date


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

First Advisor

Donald Freeman


This paper examines the issues involved in starting up an English as Second Language program. The range of issues discussed is limited to three major areas: assessment of language needs in a community; curriculum considerations for the target student group; and teacher training. There are two separate parts within the paper: Part I, a consideration of underlying issues involved in beginning an ESL program in general; and Part II, potential plans for program start-up at an actual site--the First Baptist Church of Flushing, New York.

Planning for a new program at the specific site serves to focus the general discussion of issues and functions as a real case in point. The division into two parts allows readers, if they wish, to concentrate only on the general issues in Part I without having those issues obscured by the site-specific details of Part II.


Curriculum and Instruction | Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Education | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Teacher Education and Professional Development