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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)


People traveling in the United States as tourists, on business, or for study often lack confidence in dealing with everyday real-life situations, such as ordering food in a restaurant, buying tickets in the bus stations, using public transportation and communication systems. This handbook presents very simple but important information for first time travelers. It also contains lots of cultural information.

In this handbook, I have used a series of dialogues in each lesson which provide appropriate vocabulary and phrases. My intention in presenting these dialogues is also to familiarize newcomers with the kind of language spoken differently by people of different occupations. For example:

I have tried to include sentences similar to those a cab driver would speak. The second and third part of each lesson is focused on illustrating cultural aspects through comprehension and open discussion topics.

This handbook can be used in training centers as a text for travelers or it can also be used as an information booklet by individuals.


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