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This project concerns itself with the psychological realities of a non-native teaching a foreign language in the country where the language is spoken. Included are my personal reactions and experiences of eight weeks spent teaching an intensive course of Spanish to North American university students of anthropology in Silvia Cauca, Colombia. Various aspects such as advantages, disadvantages, teaching modifications because of the fact that one is a non-native speaker, personal feelings and student reactions to the fact that they have a non-native teacher are touched upon. The reactions and feelings of other teachers who have been in the same teaching position are included in this project. It is hoped that this project will be of value to any teacher who finds himself in a similar teaching position. The number of teachers in such a position may not be large, but any of such teachers with more insight is a potentially better teacher.


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Education | First and Second Language Acquisition | Teacher Education and Professional Development