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Spelman University

Publication Date

Fall 2011

Program Name

India: Sustainable Development and Social Change


Research assembled around women’s accessibility and accountability is most essential when considering possibilities for future development. Understanding that women of any society make grand impacts on their family and surrounding community, women’s stories must be tracked as primary considerations of the development needs and changes of any society. This research focused on 21st century educated Rajasthani women’s aspirations, challenges and development goals. The study revealed that “the new woman” in the 21st century is taking a new stance on self-identity and women’s independence. Conditioned with multi-facet complexities, these independent mothers and daughters are claiming their right to literacy and labor. Multiple interviews and questionnaire sessions were conducted at the International College for Girls (ICG) and Binani Girls College; two all girls’ undergraduate colleges located in Rajasthan. Although major focus was directed to ICG and Binani’s student testimonies, for further exploration of women’s independent status in Rajasthan women professors at these colleges and multiple work offices were also interviewed. In this focus group, the ages ranged between 16-19 and 20-37. All things considered, this dissertation supports the understanding that educated and self-sufficient women can and are contributing to mainstream development.


Family, Life Course, and Society | Gender and Sexuality | Growth and Development | Inequality and Stratification | Women's Studies