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Butler University

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Fall 2013

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Cameroon: Social Pluralism and Development


This paper seeks to examine the political opinions of Cameroon youth in regards to the newly-introduced Senate. Research was conducted with students at the University of Yaoundé I and the University of Yaoundé II over the course of a four-week period. This paper discusses the potential and stated purposes of the Senate within the Cameroonian context. It will also discuss the various particular reasons that the Senate was implemented in 2013. Finally, it will convey the opinions of and the hopes for the Senate as stated by university students. First, I conclude that the Senate’s main role is to be the upper chamber of the legislating body, but there are many potential purposes based on individual thoughts and opinions. I conclude also that the only verifiable reasons that the Senate was instituted in 2013 are that it was stipulated in the Constitution and that the Head of State wanted to implement it. I finally conclude that most students have positive hopes for the Senate, but their opinions are often determined by other circumstances such as gender, language and other opinions.


African Studies | Civic and Community Engagement | Demography, Population, and Ecology | Inequality and Stratification | Political Science | Politics and Social Change


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