Sin trata no hay Asistencia: los Proveedores de Servicios y la Asistencia de salud a las Víctimas de la trata de Personas

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University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Publication Date

Spring 2014

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Argentina: Public Health in Urban Environments


In the year 2000 efforts to end human trafficking commenced when the global community gathered to sign the Palermo Protocol. Steps to combat this crime officially took hold in Argentina with the first national law denouncing human trafficking in 2008 and the subsequent modification in 2012. National cohesion, however, in the application of the laws still wavers according to professionals in the field. The doubts of these professionals regarding the consistency of victim assistance programs as well as the quality of these services, sparks the need to study the strategy of victim assistance programs and the communication among service providers. The investigation seeks to determine the barriers of providing better victim care as perceived by the professionals in the field.


Family, Life Course, and Society | Human Rights Law | Inequality and Stratification | Politics and Social Change

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