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Bryn Mawr College

Publication Date

Fall 2018

Program Name

India: Public Health, Gender, and Community Action


The primary research question of this study is: do alumni of CRHP’s Adolescent Boy’s Program (ABP) and parents of alumni of the ABP report that the boys have changed after completing the program, and if yes, in what ways? Beyond that, the study is also concerned with examining potential reasons behind the results of the primary research question. The researcher conducted interviews with 3 ABP alumni and 3 parents of ABP alumni, in addition to attending information sessions and observing the workings of CRHP. The primary findings were that yes, the respondents reported a change. The change was described as positive, and primarily related to helpfulness and respect for others, especially women. The study concludes that possible causes for these positive results are the comprehensive curriculum and the nature of CRHP as an organization. These results could aid in future attempts to enact sex education programs for boys in rural areas.


Asian Studies | Family, Life Course, and Society | Public Health Education and Promotion