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The University of Vermont

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Spring 2019

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Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management


This paper attempts to describe the production and sale of Ylang-Ylang from cultivation of the tree to the export of the flower, and examines the roles and power that each stakeholder has in the value chain. From there, the paper will look at issues associated with the trade; namely of the threat to the terrestrial ecosystem and the profit imbalance in the industry. Finally, the paper turns to potential strategies to resolve the previously stated issues associated with the production and sale of Ylang-Ylang. As a whole I hope that the paper can be seen as a rough survey of the system of Ylang production on Nosy Be and its associated issues, which might help inform new strategies for improving the industry and the economic fortunes of those that rely on it.


African Studies | Biodiversity | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Policy | Forest Management | Natural Resources and Conservation | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Plant Sciences


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