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University of Oregon

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Spring 2020

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Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management


The principle objective of this study was to determine the impacts of migration caused or influenced by climate change on people and ecosystems in Madagascar. The specific objectives were 1.) to investigate the impacts of internal migration in Madagascar, particularly movements of people which are related to climate change, on migrants, established communities and ecosystems in regions they relocate to, and natural resources and 2.) to investigate possible solutions to social and environmental challenges resulting from migration in the country. While researching, I came to more fully appreciate the complexities of the relationships between climate, migration, and environmental and social conditions, and the necessity of acknowledging the lack of consistent bilateral cause and effect relationships between these areas. Therefore, I feel it is important to clarify at the beginning that not all of the migrations discussed in this paper can clearly be defined as being “caused by” climate change, however climate change does have an influence on and a relationship with the conditions (environmental, economic, social, governmental) that influence an individual’s or family’s decision about whether or not to relocate and over what spatial and time scales.


African Studies | Climate | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Policy | Environmental Studies | Migration Studies | Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology | Place and Environment


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