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Northwestern University

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Fall 2023

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Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


The purpose of this investigation is to delve into the intricate dynamics surrounding migration in Morocco, specially focusing on the Maghreb region’s treatment of sub-Saharan migrants and the complex interplay between institutions of power, media narratives and societal attitudes towards race and identity. Drawing on Morocco’s historical relationship with slavery and its present handling of Africanness, the analysis unveils a culture of denial that deeply impacts the integration of migrants and the perpetuating of discriminatory practices. The narrative shifts towards the role of rhetoric and media, emphasizing its pivotal importance in shaping societal perspectives, particularly regarding non-Moroccans. The examination extends to the Moroccan media’s relationship with the monarchy, revealing how institutional influence and censorship significantly manipulate and drive public discourse. This study also touches on a variety of geopolitical and foreign policies and strategies questioning the efficacy of these strategies as genuine catalysts for social chance. Furthermore, it scrutinizes the contradictions between theory and practice surrounding the integration of migrants within the maghreb. Throughout, the research methodically addresses key questions regarding institutional influence, the manipulation of power and population, Moroccan identity, and the lived experiences of sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco.


African Studies | Inequality and Stratification | Mass Communication | Migration Studies | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies


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