Urban Arts and the Youth of Morocco

Ruqayyah F. Ali, SIT Graduate Institute - Study Abroad

Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media

The Pitch

Three thousand six hundred miles away from Washington D.C., the United States Embassy is using U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund urban arts programs for youths in Morocco. In a country where arts are not promoted and youth unemployment is high, there are not many options for self-expression and youths to learn leadership skills. Local associations, funded by the U.S. Embassy, are attempting to provide youths with the space and tools needed to facilitate growth and development in life skills and the arts. These urban arts programs include workshops, exhibitions, and competitions in street art, music, painting, dancing, skateboarding, and BMX biking. Leadership workshops are also conducted throughout the country to encourage youths in kick starting their careers. Through these programs, the U.S. Embassy hopes to promote a positive image of America to Moroccans while providing a service to the youths of this developing nation.