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The intent of our workshop was to teach trainers how to use art and movement in a training, as well as how to use them in a therapeutic manner for training purposes. Our focus was on the power and effectiveness of communicating non-verbally through art and movement. We brought relevance to the training by asking the participants to look at the use of art and movement through various PIM lenses-conflict transformation, international education, social justice, etc.-and consider what situations in possible future careers might call for the incorporation of art and movement. We also explored the history of art therapy and movement therapy, the benefits and drawbacks to using such creative approaches in a training, what to consider in preparation of such a training, and international examples of the effective use of art therapy and movement therapy. We really wanted our participants, who are trainers as well, to step outside their comfort zone, to think "outside the box", and examine how beneficial it can be to incorporate either art or movement into trainings.