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The intent for this training was to present students, both domestic and international, with the opportunity to learn about Emergency Medical Services (EMS). We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to learn about US EMS and services as well as bring in international examples and systems. The purpose required us to introduce a number of different layers of emergency medical systems including; history, changes, transportation features, personal experiences, system structures, community expectations, roles, regulations, and uses for the future.

First, we embarked on a historical journey of events contributing to the changes in emergency medicine. Our goal in providing a historical overview was to bring to the surface global themes that directly affected and impacted the need for emergency medical services in communities, and then from these needs capture a larger perspective of why these services are important of all of us as community members. Through individual past experiences we wished to increase awareness of how different and similar these emergency systems are across the country. Thus, individuals could gain insight into the challenges and expectations of other communities.

In conclusion, we wished to provide our participants with a broad overview of their contributions as community members, visitors, travelers, etc. Also, we hoped to increase awareness of important steps to take in order to better advocate for themselves and others in reference to basic emergency care.


Emergency Medicine | Health Services Administration | International Public Health | Public Health | Social and Behavioral Sciences