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Submissions from 2014

Rhetoric Or Results?: Tourism, The Aquarium, and The People of Fortaleza, Molly Silvia , University of Richmond

Submissions from 2013

Cultural Exchange: Afro Ethnic Tourism in Bahia, Ayana Oforiwah Austin-Depay , Pomona College

The Unique Commonalities of Identity & Social Action in Salvador, Bahia, Nephthalie C. Bernard , Wheaton College

Acquário Ceará: The Future of Tourism in Fortaleza, Elizabeth Duffield , University of Virginia

Agua para Todos: Water Access Issues and Responses in Northeast Brazil, Jason Machado , Pomona College

Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra: Constructing Humanity, Phoebe Rosenheim , Pomona College

Rhetoric or Results?: Tourism, The Aquarium, and The People of Fortaleza, Molly Silvia , University of Richmond

Exploring the Meanings of Social Support Networks, Andrea Villalobos , Occidental College

Submissions from 2012

How Pescadores Become Produtores: Gender, Family, and Sustainable Living on Brazil’s Northeast Coast, Wren Brennan , Macalester College

Changing Paradigms: Community Policing in Calabar, Isael Gonzalez Goodman , Pitzer College

“Nos Trabalhamos em Rede:” How the Instituto Povo do Mar Utilizes Local Networks and Knowledge to Foster Empowerment., Cléa Major , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Connecting Cultures: MSMCBJ’s Alternative Methods to Mental Health Therapy Within the Aldeia Indigenous Reserve and the Bom Jardim Favela, Emily Rasowsky , George Washington University

Drug Sentencing Policy Discourse of Fortaleza, Nick Sundback , Pomona College

Submissions from 2011

The Influence of Local Government and BID Initiatives on CUCA Che Guevara as a Center for Social Inclusion, Tessa Baizer , Washington University in St. Louis

Constructing Cidadania: Shifting Visions of Citizenship in the MST settlement Assentamento 25 de Maio in Ceará, Brazil, Alexis Victoria Cruzzavala , Yale University

The Escola do Campo João sem Terra: A Look Inside the Process of Making Education Relevant in the Landless Worker’s Movement Settlement 25 De Maio., Owen Grooms , Warren Wilson College

Feeling, Experiencing, Learning: Environmental Education at Escola Vila, Isabelle Aida Heilman , Claremont McKenna College

Living for Two: Experiencing Alzheimer’s Disease Through the Caregiver, Jacob Kramer , Johns Hopkins University

Permaculture and Community: Manifestations of Subculture, Ecology, and Objectives in Comunidade Campina, Emily Sessoms , Rollings College

Submissions from 2010

“Tem um Doido no CAPS / Que diz que Louco é Gente/Que diz que Louco Sabe/Que diz que Louco Sente” Failures and Successes in Brazilian Mental Health Reform: A Case Study of CAPS – Quixadá, Zachary Fuhrer , Yale University

Race, Class, Gender and the Law: A Study of the Relationship Between Empregadas Domesticas and Their Patroas, Vasti Marilyn Mejía , Occidental College

Submissions from 2009

O Último Peixe Ideas About the Future in Coastal Trairí, MaryCate R. Brower , Brandeis University

Learning for Life at Escola Comunitária Luiza Mahin: Integrating Classroom and Community Experiences in a Neighborhood’s Mission for Social Change, Alexa K. Catao , Amherst College

Remembering the Roots: Political Consciousness in the Quilombo Pitanga de Palmares in a Modernizing Society, Matthew Glenn , Pomona College

The Body as Text: The Construction of Contemporary Gender Within a Queer Context in Salvador, Bahia, Tigist Kassahun , Pomona College

Grita. Erga-se : Colonial Cycles of Violence in Domestic Labour in Salvador, Bahia, Jessica Nina Pine , Occidental College

Submissions from 2008

Revitalizing the Human Spirit Together: A Case Study of Movimento de Saúde Mental Comunitária do Bom Jardim in Bom Jardim, Fortaleza, Ceará, Ana Bonilla , Occidental College

Molding Memory: An Analysis of the Relationship between Representations of Candomblé in Public Places of Memory and the Afro-Brazilian Community, Lauren Hobby , Williams College

‘Everything is for Him’: Mothers of Autistics as Agents of Social Change at Casa da Esperança, Alexandra Levin , George Washington University

Kilombo do Kioiô: The Use of an Artesanato Program as a Program of Social Justice, Anna Losacano , Carleton College

Surfistas for Change: Building New Identity and Community in Poor Brazilian Communities Through Sport and Education, Stephanie Miller , Washington University in St Louis

Baguncaco Cleans Up the Bagunca of "Racial Democracy", Afro-Brazilian Consciousness and Racial Identity in Alagados, Salvador, Bahia, Monica Mugure , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Sacred Work: Transforming Spirit and Community in Lucena, Paraíba, Jenny Schneider , Brown University

Fortaleza’s Feminisms: Searching for Feminist Theory in the Centro de Referência da Mulher and the Delegacia de Defesa da Mulher, Paige Sweet , Washington University in St Louis

Submissions from 2007

Struggle, Revolution, and the MST: Reflections on the Meaning of Resistance, Andrew Cole , Bucknell University

Living in the Margins: The Male Homosexual Experience in Salvador, Silvano Gonzalez , Pomona College

Tornar-Se Negro & Thinking Beautiful, Ayana Hosten , Claremont McKenna College

Creating Dreams, Fighting for Rights: A Study With Centro de Cultura Negra do Maranhão, Brazil, Laura Jenks , Brandeis University

Spectator to Actor to Multiplier: EDISCA’s Humanizing Methodology, Hannah McDowell , Occidental College

A Place in the World: MH2O’s Construction of a Peripheral Identity, Ryan Schutt , Pomona College

Black Identity Formation as Racial Politics in São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil, Ariel Sloan , Harvard University

Submissions from 2006

Não Sou Sua Puta: An Examination of Preconceptions of Sex Work In Salvador, Bahia, Charmaine Bee , School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Knowledge and Social Movements: Promotoras Populares and Social Transformation Beyond the Classroom of Grupo de Mulher Maravilha (GMM), Shanna Devine , Occidental College

Casa da Mulher do Nordeste: Feminist Visions of Development, Sarah Frazer , University of Richmond

Learning to Fight: The MST’s Escola Nacional and its Pedagogy of Resistance, Marisol León , Yale University

From Quilombo to Bairro: The Maintenance of a Permanent Afro-Brazilian Underclass, Calisha Myers , University of Virginia

Sex-Education and Preventative and Contraceptive Services: Educação-Sexual e Serviços Contraceptivos e Preventativos, Elizabeth M. Ortiz , Wesleyan University

Contemporary Slavery in the Amazon of Maranhão: Reality and Response, Landen Romei , Washington University in St Louis

Making Space for Critical Discourse: The Daily Resistance of Acampamento Luiz Carlos, Nicholas Detlef Salmons , McGill University

Visiting the Past, Reclaiming the Present: The Africanisms of Capoeira Angola, Juan Esteban Sosa , Oberlin College

What about Sustainable Improvement? Current Efforts and Challenges in the Work of the Municipal Government to Improve the Rights of the Garbage Pickers in Fortaleza, Brazil, Shehzia Valiulla , College of the Atlantic

Entrepreneurship and “Conscientious Capitalism”? Economic Solidarity Within the Banco Palmas Network, Caroline Whistler

Luta: The Story of the Movimento dos Atingidos Por Barragens in the Valley of Jaguaribe, Rachel Wood , American University

Submissions from 2005

As Filhas de Oyá: Warriors in the Eye of the Storm, Sheela Bringi , Mills College

A Falta de Voz Quilombola no Canto Brasileiro: As Conseqüências da Desvalorização da Terra Quilombola Pelo Estado Brasileiro, Maíra Dos Santos , Pitzer College

The Needs of the Marginalized; Documenting a Crisis Defined as Such by the Catadores de Lixo of Jangurussú, Jane Hudson , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Bofes e Sapinhas: Lesbian Life in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Ronny R. Kraft , Mills College

A Child’s Dance of the Sankofa: Redefining, Reconstructing, and Reclaiming Identity, Shawnrey Notto , Pomona College

Abortion: The Reality for Women of Praia Grande, Anna Tawse , Denison University

Facing Reality: The Story of Icaro Amorim, Nicole Vengrove , New York University