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Submissions from 2015

Peace Building through Education Reforms Case study: Objectives and Philosophy of Jordanian Educational System, Megan McKeown, Chapman University

The Jordanian Attitude Towards the Women’s Quota System, Aida Woldegiorgis, Bucknell University

The Effect of Refugees on Jordanian Identity, Max Yenkin, George Washington University

Submissions from 2014

Environmental Education in Amman, Sara Lyrnn Green, George Washington University

The Quota for Women’s Representation in Parliament: an Empty Gesture or a Vehicle for Change? Analyzing the Effectiveness of Women Members of Parliament in Jordan, Mackenzie Kieborz, Texas A&M University

From Monuments to Ruins: An Analysis of Historical Preservation in Jordan, Mason Seymore, University of Denver

The Effect of the Syrian Crisis on Jordanian Internal Security, Andrew E. Szparaga, Indiana University Bloomington

Submissions from 2013

The Impact of Syrian Refugees on Food Security in the Northern Badia, Jesse Schaffer, George Washington University

Jordan’s Energy Security: Impact of Dependency on Unstable Foreign Sources on Social Stability and Policy Alternatives, Allan Martinez Venegas, Macalester College

Submissions from 2012

Symbols of Religious Identity in Jordanian Society, Piotr Narel, Loyola University Chicago

Jordan’s Political Public Sphere: Understanding the Youth’s Awareness and Perceptions of the Constitutional Reforms in the Post-Arab Spring Era, Krista Vendetti, Vassar College

The Rhetoric of the Modern Hijab., Mihret Woldesemait, Duke University

Submissions from 2011

The Challenges of Balancing Careers and Family Life Facing College Women in Jordan, Anna Chang, Tulane University

#reformjo: Jordanian Tweets for Social Reform, Megan Daily, Washington and Lee University

Assessing Mental Health Care for Iraqi Refugees in Jordan Looking to New Solutions for the Future, Hannah B. Egan, Villanova University

Social, Political, Economic and Health Effects of the Disi Aquifer on Jordanian Society, Ryan Greenwood, University of New Hampshire

Jordan’s Mental Healthcare System, Katherine Nolan, Wellesley College

Coming Home: Considering Sustainable Human Development in Jordan’s Palestinian Refugee Camps After the Conflict, Jordan Young, University of Denver

Submissions from 2010

Civil Society and Inequality in Jordan: A Study on the Effectiveness of the Community Development Center in Ashrafiyah, Mary-Katharine Johnson, Loyola College

Modernization of the Hijab in Amman, Jordan: A Symbol of Islam and Modernity, Nicole McDermott, Arcadia University

Economic Coping Mechanisms of Iraqi Female Headed Households in Jordan, Sophia Moradian, Boston College

Identity and Fashion: A Look at Jordanian Christian Women and How Their Identity is Portrayed Through Their Clothing, Brittany Witcher, Arcadia University

Submissions from 2009

A Sociological Analysis of Crimes of Honor: Examining the Effects of Higher Education on the Concepts of Honor and Notions of Gender Equality in Jordan, Alex Miller, Illinois Wesleyan University

Democracy and the Tribal System in Jordan: Tribalism as a Vehicle for Social Change, Jennifer Rowland, Duke University

Submissions from 2008

“Multi-Track Diplomacy” Through Enhancing Interreligious Understanding: A Case Study in Abrahamic Trialogue Between Jordanian and American Students, Nick Doctor, University of Tulsa

An Assessment of Subsidy Removal Effects on and Future Sustainability for Livestock Sector of in the Northern Jordanian Badia, Christopher Jetter, Hope College

A Domestic Pas de Deux: The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist-Regime Relations in Jordan, Simon Shogry, Claremont McKenna College

Submissions from 2007

Technology and the Classroom: Computer Education in Jordanian Public Schools, Ketan Gajria, Tufts University

Reconstructing Gender and Activism: The Case of Women’s Initiatives in Al-Wihdat Refugee Camp, China Sajadian, Smith College

Messages of Maternity: The Relationship of State and NGO Institutions to Reproductive Health Services and the Construction of Family in Jordan, Julia Shatz, Vassar College

Radio Sawa in Jordan: Different Perceptions, Together?, Michael Turner, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Submissions from 2006

Obstacles to Women’s Political Empowerment in Jordan: Family, Islam, and Patriarchal Gender Roles, Margaret Pettygrove, Macalester College

A Promising Start in an Arid Region: Assessment of the Anaqeed Al-Khair Cooperative’s Impact, Jason Shenk, Earlham College

Submissions from 2005

Gender Based Violence in Jordan: Domestic Violence and Honor Crimes, Danielle M. Becknell, Westminster College

Fighting Passions: A Developmental Examination of the Salafi Jihadi Movement in Jordan and the Roots of Extremism, Ryo Ragland, Duke University

Submissions from 2004

The Effects of Modernization on the Bedouin Populations of Jordan, Peter DiCampo, Boston University