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This classroom based research project considers the following questions: Why should my foreign language students write? From Pedagogy to Purpose; what happens when students use technology with their writing; what transitions take place with regard to the role as teacher when integrating writing into the Spanish language classroom? This project follows the shift from writing , disconnected activities to writing. How a student-centered writing process and technology support the shift away from the perception that good writing is voiceless and mechanical. It traces the shift from learning to write to writing to learn. The project studies the shift that occurs when students come to understand that they are writers and the role of the teacher shifts from the giver of approval to a collaborator without diminishing the guidance and necessary level of knowledge of the teacher. The project seeks to evidence that shifts not only do occur when all these mutually exist in the foreign language classroom but also with transcend into other curriculum content areas.


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Creative Writing | First and Second Language Acquisition