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Submissions from 2015

From Laws to Last Names: Examining Popular Opinions of Adoption in Morocco, Margaret Liston, Elon University

Social Responsibility and Enterprise: A Case Study of Les EauxMinéralesd’Oulmes Water Company in the Oulmes Region of Morocco, Kathryn Seibold, Colby College

Submissions from 2014

Hip Hop Highways: Mapping Complex Identities through Moroccan Rap, Anisha Bhat, Pomona College

Hoping for Help: The Organizational Response to Street Children in Tangier, Stefanie Cruz, University of Houston

Voting Across the Sea: The Politics of French Nationals in Morocco, Sydney France, Skidmore College

Daily Bread and the Normative Ascription of Cultural Value in Ahistorical Morocco, Patrick Kurth, Fordham University

Who Are You Wearing? A study of Moroccan fashion discourse, identity performance, and social change, Leah Michalove, Emory University

When in The Maghreb: The Western Tourist’s Quest for Meaningful Experiences in Post-Colonial Morocco, Erin Willahan, University of Oregon

Submissions from 2013

Capacity and Implementation for Judicial Reforms in Morocco: “Painting a Building that is Collapsing”, Hally Bert, Bates College

Health as a Human Right: An Analysis of Healthcare Delivery to Bidonvilles, Juliana Saracino, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Submissions from 2011

Why Now and What's Next: The February 20th Movement’s Challenge to the State, Marina Balleria, University of Puget Sound

Hchouma Alik!: A Look at the Evolution of Hchouma in Contemporary Moroccan Society, Eden Dotan, Skidmore College

Like Crazy: A Writer’s Search for Information and Inspiration, Sarah Lawrence, Muhlenberg College

Medical Pluralism in Morocco: The Cultural, Religious, Historical and Political-Economic Determinants of Health and Choice., Tyler Martinson, Macalester College

From Pasture to Plate: A Study of the Rituals, Ecology and Economics of Sheep in the Context of Aid Al Adha in Morocco, Carrisa Sue Pritchard, University of Denver

Beyond Words: Chronicling Spiritual Ecstasy and Experience in Sufi Poetry, Kate Van Brocklin, Brown University

Submissions from 2009

The Beauty of Arabic Script: Tracing the Artistic Significance of the Arabic Letter in Morocco, Sarah C. Malin, Northwestern University

The Role and Potential of Businesswomen in Morocco’s Civil Society, Teresa Mbagaya, Yale University

The Economic and Social Development of the Moroccan Sahara: An Analysis of the Development of the Southern Provinces in the Context of Morocco’s Political Future, Rohini Muralidharan, Brown University

Submissions from 2008

Diary of the Hijab, Monica Ek, University of Redlands

Options for Rural Sustainable Development: An Examination of Solar Energy in Morocco, Wynne McAuley, Occidental College

The End of the Line: Understanding the Morocco-Algeria Border, Katherine Solberg, Boston College

Submissions from 2007

Khal: An Exploration of the Language Around Blackness in Morocco, Rachel Leigh Johnson, Occidental College

Watered Down: The Intersection and Integration of Tourism Development and Water Resource Management in Marrakech, Morocco, Alison Maassen, George Washington University

Submissions from 2006

Mediation in Morocco: Current Uses and Future Possibilities, Rachel Markowitz, University of Texas at Dallas

Interpreting Their Blood: The Contradictions of Approaches to Menstruation Through Religious Education, Ritual and Culture in Rabat, Morocco, Nitzan Ziv, Wesleyan University

Submissions from 2005

Crafting a Co-Operative: Lessons on Women’s Education, Artisans’ Livelihoods, and Rural Development in Morocco, Jenifer Humphrey, Brown University

Good Morning, Africa! (Dreams and Identity in Morocco), Chantal James, Spelman College

Maternity, Sexuality, and Capability: An Exploration of the Aesthetics of the Rural Moroccan Female Body, Carlye Warren, Bucknell University