The Capstone Paper is written by students in the SIT Graduate Institute Master of Arts degree programs. Capstones reassess theoretical knowledge in light of professional experience in the form of a final research paper, incorporating both classroom knowledge and practicum based experience.

The full-text of papers written prior to July 2011 in the Capstone Collection are limited to SIT and other World Learning faculty, staff, students, and alumni. If you are not affiliated with SIT or World Learning and want access to these papers contact your local library and ask about requesting the hard copy on interlibrary loan. Full-text papers written after July 2011 are openly accessible to the public.

Due to copyright restrictions some papers are not available full-text electronically. World Learning affiliated students and staff can check these papers out of the library or, if you are off-campus, request them via interlibrary loan


Submissions from 2010

Humanitarian Security Management: A Case-Study Of Care International In The West Bank And Gaza Strip, Joshua Thew


Volunteer Experiences in Russia: Addressing the issues faced by Russian volunteers in Russian NGOs, Larisa Volkavichyute

The Long Road From Uprooted to Rerooted: A Case Study of the Challenges Bhutanese Refugees Face in Becoming Economically Self-Sufficient in The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, Terutsugu Wada


Yoga And Social Action: An Exploration Into The Relationship Between Yoga And Social Action As Experienced By Yoga Instructors, Summer Wember


Power and Players: How Immigrants’ Rights Social Movement Organizations Identify and Categorize the Players in Their Environments, Sanderson Wright


Creating A Brilliant Future For Kai - A Study On The Support Of Adults With Autism, Tian Xu


Stormwater Policy: Case Study Of Advocacy For Updated Stormwater Management Practices In Montgomery County, Maryland, Emily Zachery

Submissions from 2009


Building Bridges With Restorative Justice: Theory and Practice on the Brattleboro Reparative Probation Panels, Janice Baldwin


Hope For Partnerships? Local Leadership In An International Partnership In Rural Tanzania, Sarah Bickel

The Role of Unions Today in the U.S.: Who Benefits?, Susanna Blankley


Know Thy Enemy, Know Thyself: An Orientation Curriculum to Assist U.S. Military Personnel in Cultural Competencies, Joshua Burns


Non-Degree Academic Exchange Programs for International Undergraduate Students: The Real Value for Participants and the United States, Irina Cheptanari


Community Engagement and Tools for Social Change, Hope Clark


Social Service or Social Change?: A Comparative Case Study of Two Battered Women’s Organizations, Jordan F. Dez


Advocacy Case Study Analysis: Global Campaign for Education, Allahleudé Djékoundadé


Creating A Program That Is Geared Toward The Under-Represented Populations In Study Abroad: The Cultural Education And Study Abroad Readiness (C.E.S.A.R.) Project, Teneisha R. Ellis


The Green Divide: Bridging the Gap Between Politics and Practice Regarding Environmental Issues Among Conservative Christians, Melodie A. Foster


Improving School Climate Using Professional Development: The need for transformational leadership in one urban school, Kristine M. Fredrick


The Essentials of Successful Leadership Transition in Small Non-Profit Organizations: Case Studies in Transition from a Long-Term Director to the Next Director, Yoshikazu Funato


The Human Resources Department of Asian American Community Services in Columbus, Ohio: A Critical Examination, Payel Gupta


The Impact of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution on the Chinese People Today: A Conflict Analysis and Ideas for Healing, Catherine Hewen Hellman


Retention Plan For A Turkish Local NGO, Akiko Kobayashi


Individual and Family Impacts of a Community Job Training Program: A Case Study of Shoreline Goodwill’s Retail Customer Service Training Program, Brandon Lindsey


Activism in Contemporary American Higher Education: Democracy Matters’ Students’ Perspectives on the Effectiveness of Grassroots Organizing to Encourage Student Activism, Megan Luce


A Competitive Advantage and Strategy: A Case Analysis for Oro Savings and Sharing Cooperative, Rolando Idano Mesias

High Impact-Based Short Term Projects Monitoring and Evaluation (HIB-STP M&E), Lawrence K. Mugisha


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Organizational Capacity Building Program: A Single Case Study with a Non-Governmental Organization in Yemen, Arwa Noman


Ending Human Rights Abuses By Private Military Contractors: Developing An Advocacy Strategy Within A Multi-Issue Legal And Educational Organization, Laura Raymond


Theory Into Practice: Experiential Training From the USA to Burma, David Root


Misrepresentation in Lowell, Massachusetts: The Conflict over Changing the City’s Voting System, Kara Sacco


Teaching Sustainability Through Alternative Education: A Case Study, Brian Schwadron

The Phenomenon of Intentional Communities: Why do People Join Them and Why do they Stay? Reflections from those Living in Intentional Communities in the U.S., Jamiena Shah

Behind The Movement: The Strategic Plan Supporting a National Grassroots Effort to Mobilize Young People for Sustainable Social Change, Chantal Landis Sheehan


Global Dance Educators: Their Experiences in Minnesota and Beyond, Susie Sherman


Multicultural Adaptation: A Reflection Of Nepali Immigrants And Refugees In The Edgewater Neighborhood In Chicagoland, Shyam Shrestha


How Can Institutions of Higher Education Assess the Learning Outcomes of Their Students?, Squeak Stone


Useful Guidelines To Maintain Fundraising In The Small Local NGOs In Northern Vietnam, Long Thap Tran


Shade to Green: A Case Study of a Vermont Dairy Farm’s Transition to Organic, Stephen Veryser


The Entrepreneurial Way Of Life: A Case Study, Jon G. Egan Woods

Submissions from 2008

An Incentive Approach to Natural Resource Management;, Angela Adrar

Lessons from Family Caregivers: Giving Voice to the End-Of-Life Caregiving Experience, Susan Alancraig

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Interfaith Dialogue: Finding the Peacemaker’s Experience in Building Interfaith Dialogue in NYC, As'ari

A Study of Student Motivations to Study Abroad in Non-Traditional Locations, Catherine Amy Bennett

Challenges Facing Alternative Education in Morocco: Integration of Tamazight in the School System, Mokhtar Bouba

Demystifying Capacity Building: Voices From The Field, Michaela M. Brehm

What We Learned About The Needs Of Unaffiliated Volunteers Who Spontaneously Responded To The 2004 Tsunami In Thailand, Amie Chaudoir

The Strategic Audit for the Tibetan Yak Cheese Project: A Case Study of the Tibetan Yak Cheese Project in Golok Township, Qinghai Province, China, Chunla

The Health And Social Impacts Of Water Development Projects Within Three Rural Communities In Cambodia, Mark A. Clark

The Effects of Organizational Culture on Public Image and Membership Recruitment at Rotary International, Rebecca Crall

In the Name of Education: Reproducing Social Stratification through Schooling in India: An Analysis of the Tomorrows Foundation, Atasi Das

Reaching Orphans and the Most Vulnerable Children in Tanzania: What is Working?, Tait Davidson

Children under Occupation: Trafficking in North India, Sustainable Rehabilitation or Re-Commodification?, Chandni Desai

Providing Effective Mental Health Services For Guatemalan Women In Lynn, MA, Christine A. Drake

Basket Weaving 101: Conditions For Supporting A Trans-Local Learning Community, Aerin M. Dunford

Darfur: As a failure of the nation-state model in Sudan: Education, Law, and Military: the apparatuses of hegemony and oppression, Elsadig Elsheikh

Using Documentary Film as a Tool for Conscientization among Youth: A Case Study at Rumah KAMU Foundation, Mellanie Febrista

Study Abroad: Long-term Career Impact and Professional Applicability, Kimberly U. Franklin

LanguageCorps Teach Abroad Program:, Andy Gavilanes

Echoes of Freedom: The Mission To “Save Darfur” & Implications For Africa, Leon Zagino Gbée

Shaping Our World: The Role of Ethnic Identity in the Education of African Immigrants in Southern Maine, Genet Gebrewahd

Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change: An Exploration of Human and Environmental Rights among the World's First Nations Communities, Megan Gray

Marketing Realities Of Breaking Into The Community Service Abroad Industry, David Greyer

Reciprocidad: A Rural Costa Rican Community’s Evaluation Of An International Service-Learning Program, Troy Donald Henri

Bringing Up an NGO: A Program Constraints Assessment and Evaluation of VEGlobal’s International Volunteer Program, Coletta Hummel

The Impacts Of Employer-Sponsored Adoption Assistance Programs: A Process Analysis, Stephanie Scarritt Hunt

The Perception of Chinese SMEs in the Apparel Industry about Incorporating CSC9000T into their Business Agenda, Chulin Jiang

The Personal Stories of Five Development Practitioners & What They Say About Change, Christopher Jones

A Feasibility Study Of The Fair Trade Tourism Jordan Project, Kimberly A. Karels

Under the Guise: What Special Education for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders can Really Mean, Elizabeth Anne Kenyon

Holistic health & women’s reproductive care: holistic program initiatives for Concord Feminist Health Center, Leigh Ann Knope

Career Advising For Japanese College Students Studying In The United States, Maya Kuriki

Entrepreneurial Mentorship For New Growth In Rwanda, Scott Pedersen Lamer

Strengthening Cross-Sector Partnerships for Sustainable Development through Improved Partnership Communication and Knowledge Management, Julian Lauzzana

The Asian Tsunami: A Case Study of Habitat for Humanity’s Disaster Response Program, Saren Lay

Searching For Curriculum Views On Social Justice Teaching-Learning At The Compass School, Christopher Lievense

Western Massachusetts Mediators’ Perceptions Of Their Preparation And Training To Deal With Bias And Power Imbalance, Debbie Lopes da Rosa

Education for Self-Reliance: Rethinking Education for a Rural Community in Indonesia, Hasriadi Masalam

Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones: The Results of Combining Choice, Literacy and Learning for the Empowerment of Women, Jack Daniel Maxson

Empowering Her Fist: The Social Justice Of Women’s Self-Defense Training, Jennifer McClearen

Methods And Systems Of Purposeful Reshaping Of Ethnic Identities – Serbs In Former Yugoslavia, Tanja Meničanin

Are You My Mother? Integrating High Risk Children Living In Residential Care: A Narrative Study In A Rural Ethiopian Village, Carolyn Moore

The German Flower Campaign for Workers’ Rights and the Environment: Lessons Learned and Implications for Future Campaigns, Megan L. Moss

Oil Wealth And Niger Delta Crisis; Gender Perspectives & Women’s Interventions In Building Peace, Roselyn Onyegbula

Intercultural Training For Specific Purposes In Corporate Tokyo: Cultural Competence Or Avoidance?, Andrew Shaffer

Teacher Training in Post Solidarnosc Poland: A Journey through Intercultural Communication & Social Justice Theory, Practice, and Personal Growth, Mary Katherine Sigda

The “Inroads” Of Backroads, Krista Susan Simundson

The World with B Corporations: Visions of Change, John Smith

The Relationship Between Workers’ Centers And Labor Unions In The United States Today, Ian Stone

Hurricane Katrina as experienced by the Red Cross: What are administrative lessons learned by Red Cross Disaster Preparedness and Relief in the year following the disaster? How do they plan to improve for the future?, Laura M. Swetz Howe

Transforming Ourselves and our Communities, Jennifer Tee

Permaculture Adoption Among Malawian Farmers: A Positive Deviance Inquiry, Hope Thornton

Promoting The Rights Of The Forgotten People In The Land Of A Thousand Hills: A Case Of Indigenous Batwa Advocacy In Post Genocide Rwanda, Jean Chun Tong

Peacebuilding and Development in Sri Lanka. Through the Framework of Experiential Education, Frances D. Walsh

An Appreciative Inquiry of Volunteerism: A Case Study of Individual’s Volunteering for an NGO in Granada, Nicaragua, Eric V. Weisenberger

Family Farm Defenders’ Fight Against the National Animal Identification System, Katherine I. Wied

Practicing What We Preach: Using M&E To Develop The Learning Capacity Of The Aga Khan Foundation Tajikistan, Anne Worthington

An Investigation Into The Social Marketing Practices Of Smaller Nonprofit Organizations, Sean Young

Submissions from 2007

The International Student Services Office: A Conceptual Framework for Comprehensive International Student Services And Programs, Linda Asaro

Bicultural Egyptians, Self And Other Perceptions: Strangers Abroad; Foreigners At Home, Mary Boulos Ayad

Yo Voy Con La Sexta: U.S. Adherents To The Zapatista National Liberation Army's Sixth Declaration Of The Selva Lancandona, Corry Banton