The Capstone Paper is written by students in the SIT Graduate Institute Master of Arts degree programs. Capstones reassess theoretical knowledge in light of professional experience in the form of a final research paper, incorporating both classroom knowledge and practicum based experience.

The full-text of papers written prior to July 2011 in the Capstone Collection are limited to SIT and other World Learning faculty, staff, students, and alumni. If you are not affiliated with SIT or World Learning and want access to these papers contact your local library and ask about requesting the hard copy on interlibrary loan. Full-text papers written after July 2011 are openly accessible to the public.

Due to copyright restrictions some papers are not available full-text electronically. World Learning affiliated students and staff can check these papers out of the library or, if you are off-campus, request them via interlibrary loan


Submissions from 2004

A study of the methods used by selected Florida colleges and universities to recruit Latin American students, Roy Tariq Braine

Employee Sourcing and Recruiting in the 21st Century: Strategies for Attracting Human Potential in a Tight Labor Market, Diane L. Burrows

Designing and delivering conflict transformation trainings to staff of Catholic Relief Services/ Europe, John P. Byrne

Intercultural impacts on U.S. homestay families, Anna M. Calleja

Internationalization of the campus : the case of two major Korean private universities, Insoo Cho

Co-cultural reliance in Chinese graduate students at the University of Connecticut, Sarah Cook Curtis

Back to Basics : The Impact of Intercultural Communication Theory in Nation-Building: A Comparative Inquiry of Kosovo and Iraq, Vanessa Julia Erminda Dornhoefer

Youth and social change : using facilitative leadership practices for youth empowerment, Scott Enebo

Project stakeholder input for successful monitoring & evaluation systems : a Guatemala case study, Bethany Esch

The Internationalization of the Small State HEI: A Query of Support at the University of Malta, Christy M. Fry

Women's empowerment for peacebuilding, Ivy Miyoko Gabbert

The Overseas Filipino Workers’ (OFW) Identity: Local Modern Day Heroes or Global Servants?, Ma. Victoria C. Garcia

Assessment for At-Risk Youth: A New Model of the Assessment Instruments for the Detroit Youth Opportunity Program, Kari Goetz

Sociological effects of trauma and crisis on immigrant women in the United States : effects of previous trauma experiences on the coping behavior of women immigrants to the United States, Jasmina Gradistanac

Personal stories and their power to help transform conflict, Tracy Grenier

Citizens' voices in maternal health care in Bangladesh : how loud are women?, Zaheda Hena

Converting the family farm into educational homestead : an experimental initiative for organizational redesign of the small/family farm, Abigail Holm

An assessment of teachers' performance : a case study of non formal primary education (NFPE) teachers, trained at the BRAC Training Division (BTD) in Bangladesh, Mohammed Hossain

What's love got to do with it? : recognition and reward : a study of support and the effects of supervisors on employee morale, Catherine M. Hudson


Palestinian perspectives on USAID funding : reactions by Palestinian NGO workers to the Anti-Terrorism Certification, Kristen Joplin

Environmental exercises, Somphit S. Kham

Equity in healthcare : the law, the rhetoric and the reality in San Cristobal, Verapaz, Guatemala, Amy N. Klein

Problems and potential solutions associated with the global proliferation of illegal small arms and light weapons, Kei Komatsu

Residential housing programming for international students : a focus upon intercultural sensitvity and cross-cultural understanding, Leanne Kovitch

Cultural negotiations in the field of international relations : an exploration of the roles that various aspects of culture play in foreign policy making and international relations between the United States and the European Union, Joze Kralj

Workplace values in non-profit versus for-profit organizations, Martin Reid Krug

What is the impact of the "War on Terror" on undocumented Mexican workers in Southeast Michigan?, Jessica A. LaBumbard

Business as educator : an exploratory study of the effectiveness of socially responsible businesses' education campaigns, Jennifer Ann Langenbach

Understanding senior citizens and the multicultural dynamics in Atlanta public housing, Lindsey Algie Lingenfelter

Creating hope : social change through mindfulness : a phenomenological study on being mindful in outreach with at-risk youth, Susannah H. Linn


Effectiveness of international activists undertaking nonviolent interventions in Palestine and Israel, Sara Dubois Longsmith

If Rituals Go Wrong: Understanding the Female Somali Refugee Experience in Health Clinics in Portland, Oregon, Kari Lyons

Cultural factors in recruitment and selection of personnel : a comparative study of Brazil and the US, Adonis Mariano Matos de Mello

The Journey and Process of Poverty Alleviation in Peru: A Look at How the “Roundtables for the Fight against Poverty” Work to Cultivate Collaboration between the Government and Civil Society, Rena Marie Meyers

Culturally Specific HIV/AIDS Education Programs, Kristina Michelle Moffitt

A community healing intervention for Afghan women of Salt Lake City : a study of the Community Resiliency and Family Teaching (CRAFT) Project, Mollie M. Murphy Dale

Fargo on fire? : an ethnographic study of the Sudanese Community Fellowship Church of Fargo, North Dakota, Aryca Myers

The journey and process of poverty alleviation in Peru : a look at how the "Roundtables for the Fight Against Poverty" work to cultivate collaboration between the government and civil society, Rena Marie Myers

Water : public trust or market commodity? : The role of the Public Trust Doctrine in protecting and restoring our water resources, Kevin Bryan Natapow

How can a long-term residential treatment program for emotionally disturbed children in a mostly white community better serve its Hispanic clients and their families? : a preliminary inquiry at one small residence in Western Massachusetts, Christopher W. O'Connell

The impact of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) on the Pakistani community in the United States, Chanmun Om

Localization of international NGOs in the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Takehiro Ono

The Brattleboro Area Peace and Justice Group as a grassroots social change organization, Kris Parker

In creation with nature : building in Tlholego Eco-Village South Africa, Lynette Price

Gender And Information-And-Communication Technologies (ICTS) In Development Policy-Making – A Case Of The World Summit On The Information Society, Manisha Rajadhyaksha

Acceptance vs. isolation : community perceptions of migrant workers' participating in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker's Program in Exeter, Ontario, Canada, Stacey D. Reid

Study abroad for non-traditional adults : Community of Hope pilot project, Lisa Gail Rucker

How the international programs office can best support internationalization at Arizona State University, Caroline Mary Savalle

Russian, Ukrainian: What’s Going On?, Eden Sell

Key strategies in developing a social and environmental mission for an indigenous art import business, Stephen G. Sheldon


Measuring social capital and its effect on community development projects in Ukraine, James W. Smiley


The future of farmers in El Salvador in the face of the Free Trade Agreement between Central America and the United States, Sherry Diane Stanley

Journeys through the SIT culture : the experience of five international students who studied at the School for International Training, Mariana Palade Syrotiak

The advocacy controversy in medical interpreting : different views on the professional role of interpreters, Paula Tessier

Aid Dependency, Resource Generation, and Mobilization in the Global South: A Pilot Study on Kenyan NGOs, Eunice M. Wahome

Creating a space for farmers' participation in decision-making : a case study of the role of the World Education Network, Markus Handoko Widagdo

Japanese gaman or perseverance in an educational setting, Hilary Stuart Wimsatt

An exploration into social identity development of people living with HIV and AIDS in South Africa, Ja Dawn J. Wright

Submissions from 2003

Job satisfaction of service providers (doctors and paramedics) in selected NGO clinics in Bangladesh, Shamsun Nahar Ahmed

Chinese/Taiwanese female civil servants : their conflict negotiation strategies & cooperative game theory, Suzan Porter Babcock

A look at credit unions in the United Sates through the International Credit Union Operating Principles, Vreonica J. Ballass

Impact of Poverty Alleviation Project: The Case of Claudino Faro, Adelino Boa Morte

A comparative study of Land Negotiation Tables as a participatory approach for land conflict resolution in the post-conflict society of Guatemala, Bettina Borggraefe

Polish NGOs abroad : a case study of third sector diplomacy relationships, Julie Boudreaux

International student participation trends in U.S. distance learning undergraduate degree programs, Sandra L. Brosious

Maya-Tseltal women : social change in a community development and empowerment process, Sandra Beatriz Castro

A comparison study of faith-based and secular after-school programs, Steve Chaplain

Non-Governmental Organization Participation in the SA8000 Standard: The Challenges and Benefits of Southern Ngo Accreditation in the SA8000 System, Krisha Corbo

The impact of Programming for Impact : a study on evaluation methods and the RSVP Program, Heather Lynn Curtin

Capacity building of grassroots organizations, M. Devadhason

Third country resettlement : an evaluation of the International Rescue Committee Refugee Resettlement Program in the Salt Lake City area, Craig Patrick Dixon

A post-colonial theoretical perspective : the case of Belize, Jacqueline Dragone

Fundraising after a Calamity: How Non-Profit Organizations Deal with a Post-Tragedy Scenario, Sherry Dutton

An overview of the microfinance sector and its role in development, Herbert Pasipanodya Dzapata

Youth and Social Change: Using Facilitative Leadership Practices for Youth Empowerment, Scott Enebo

Project Stakeholder Input for Successful Monitoring & Evaluation Systems: A Guatemala Case Study, Bethany Esch

International Development Training Design: Does Culture Count?, Joanna Flagler

Community Supported…Anything: Applying Concepts and Practices of Community Supported Agriculture to a Variety of Products in Vermont, Gregory Hellmann Flatt

The impact of a cross-cultural service learning program on the host communities of central Ecuador, Amy E. Fox

“Who Feels It Knows It”: Grenadian Small Farmers’ Perspectives on Neo-Liberal Development, Sharon Gralnick

Student perceptions of the benefits of service-learning and study abroad opportunities in Australia and New Zealand, Kristi S. Hanratty

Assessing the self-esteem outcome of work done by Peace Corps volunteers working with youth in Ecuador, Wendy Hason

How can CSA farmers in Vermont effectively incorporate low-income members of the community?, Cynthia M. Hellman

Re-entry strategies employed by students at the School for International Training, Stephen P. Holland-Wempe

Content creation in Bhutan for ICT mediated sustainable development, James Houle

The Causes of Entrepreneurial Success in BRAC Micro – finance Program, Ahmed Khalid Hyder

The impact of IES students on Japanese host families : Japanese host families' intercultural development, Yumiko Ikeda

How do artists relate to emotional stress and what relevance does that have for those using art in the intercultural field?, Quinton L. Jackson

Bilingual first-generation Chinese immigrants' use of ethnic Chinese media in the United Sates, Joy Yi Jia

Using relations between Japanese and Korean international students in U.S. universities as a model for international peace building, Manami Kaneko

Vipassana meditation : its role in prison reform and reintegration of prisoners in society, Akanksa Kela

Intercultural learning in the liberal arts : the role of multicultural and international educators, Kathleen S. Knaul

The Somaliland Experiment: Issues of Identity and Recognition for a Nation, Erica Krug

A study of the affect of tax policies towards environmental NGOs in China, Hanying Li

Mindful mediation : a comparative study on the stages of mindfulness and the role of the mediator, Katherine Limon

How to effectively develop the market for Chinese films in the U.S., Hangyu Liu

Subsidizing peace : a study of funders and CR success, Brooke Elizabeth Loder

Some obstacles to the implementation of effective curriculum for the instruction and practice of commercialization for the Mayan Kekchi´ of rural Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, Imani Lucas

A review of current research on the health risks and safety of genetically engineered foods, Kathryn Madigan

Egoistic, Altruistic, or Pacifistic: Volunteers' Motivations to Serve, Jennifer McGowan