Contains the Independent Study Projects (ISPs) from past SIT Study Abroad programs. These programs are either no longer in operation or have been redesigned and are currently operating under a new program title.

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Australia: Identity and Public Policy in a Multicultural Society

Bolivia: Latin American Revolutionary Movements and Conflict Resolution

Botswana: Community-Based Natural Resource Management

Brazil: Amazon Resource Management and Human Ecology

Central Europe: Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Culture

Cyprus: Transnational Identities and Intercommunal Relations

Ethiopia: Sacred Traditions and Visual Culture

Fiji: Social Change and Ethnic Identity

France: Cultural Integration and the New Europe

Ghana: Origins of African Identity

Ireland: Transformation of Social and Political Conflict

Jamaica: Gender and Development

Kenya: Islam and Swahili Cultural Identity

Mali: Health, Gender, and Community Empowerment

Mexico: Sustainable Development and Social Change

Netherlands: Islam, Diaspora Communities and the EU

Nicaragua: Revolution, Transformation, and Civil Society

Oman: Political Culture and Development

Oman: Political Culture and Economic Development in the Gulf

Peru: Literature, Arts and Culture

Spain: Cultural Landscapes and the Arts

Uganda and Rwanda: Post Conflict Transformation

Uganda: Microfinance and Entrepreneurship

Vietnam/Cambodia: Ecology and Community-based Natural Resource Management