The Capstone Paper is written by students in the SIT Graduate Institute Master of Arts degree programs. Capstones reassess theoretical knowledge in light of professional experience in the form of a final research paper, incorporating both classroom knowledge and practicum based experience.

The full-text of papers written prior to July 2011 in the Capstone Collection are limited to SIT and other World Learning faculty, staff, students, and alumni. If you are not affiliated with SIT or World Learning and want access to these papers contact your local library and ask about requesting the hard copy on interlibrary loan. Full-text papers written after July 2011 are openly accessible to the public.

Due to copyright restrictions some papers are not available full-text electronically. World Learning affiliated students and staff can check these papers out of the library or, if you are off-campus, request them via interlibrary loan


Submissions from 2010


Short-term and long-term impact of invitation program for Japanese teachers to Korea, Anna Hagiwara


Overcoming the Drug-War Meme: A Comparative Analysis of Existing Illicit-Drug Policies and the Grassroots Advocacy Efforts to Encourage “Harm Reduction” in the Pacific Northwest, Nathan Michael Haslip


A Welcome Departure: A Case Study on Democratic Governance Assessments in the Eastern Caribbean, Colin Hickman


Education for Sustainable Development in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, Phuong Vu Lan Hoang


Environmental Discrimination: Watershed Councils as Environmental Justice Advocates in Alaska, Jessica Kayser

Breaking the Silence: On Developing a Culturally Relevant Native American Youth Sexual Violence Prevention Curriculum, Nina Kunimoto


Renewing Community Food Sovereignty Through Urban Agriculture in Havana, Cuba and Mexico City, Mexico, Amy Linzie


Improving and Broadening Organization Collaborations to Reduce Human Trafficking: A Program Constraints Assessment and Opportunities Identification, Katie Nicole McLaughlin


``Vive y Déjà Vivir : Food Sovereignty in the Talamanca Region of Costa Rica”, Molly Meehan


The Affected: The Nicaraguan Ex-Banana Workers Movement’s Struggle for Indemnification & Government Assistance from DBCP Exposure, Scott P. Montegna


Gleaning Reinvented: What Possibilities Might a Traditional Model Offer To A Modern Local Effort?, Sara Jane Novak

Key Steps For Building Long-Term Relations With Community-Based Volunteers In Community-Development Organizations: A Case Study Of The Catholic Commission For Justice And Peace (CCJP) In The Archdiocese Of Blantyre, Malawi, Aloisious A.C. Nthenda

The Sustainable Livelihoods Approach Through Permaculture Support Program in Pirak Timu Community, Aceh, Indonesia: A Case Study of Aceh Permaculture Foundation, Nuraida


Sustainability of the Fair Trade Movement: YUAB Case Study, Elizabeth Peery

Transformation of the Royal University of Bhutan: Policy, Challenges, and Recommendations, Tshering Pemo


Advocating for Women’s Empowerment: Highlighting the linkages among gender inequality, malnutrition and food insecurity, Carolyn Ramsdell


Seeds Of Knowledge: Case Study Of A Grassroots Planned And Managed Project For School Fee Reduction And Food Security For Primary Schools In Jinja, Uganda, Steven Rozmus


The impact of the Conservation International Indonesia’s on the sustainability of coffee farmers’ community in Dairi Regency, North Sumatera Indonesia, Ramainim Saragih


Evaluating United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: The prospects for Peace and Development in the 21st Century, Philip John Taiwo


A “Best Practices” Framework for Assessing Faith Based Short-term International Projects, Joyce Thompson

Factors That Prohibit Women’s Access to HIV/AIDS Testing, Counseling, and Other Services in the State of Vermont: A Case Study of Women in Windham County, Advine Tugumisirize


Strategic Planning For The Improvement Of The Development Efforts Of A Guatemalan Faith-Based Nongovernment Organization, Vianney Adilia Vásquez Calderón


Coalition for a Livable Future: A Regional Approach to Addressing Equity in a 21st Century Metropolitan Landscape, Shannon Wilson


Eclipsed: Investigating The Impact Of Solar Household Systems On Sustainable Development In Rural India, Garret Takeo Wong


Transitional Housing For Women And Families: A Case Study Of The Turning Point Transitional Housing Program., Kwaku Osafo Yeboah


Evaluation and Monitoring at The Institute for Global Education and Service Learning, Jenna L. Zorn

Submissions from 2009

Community Food Security for Vermont: Local Solutions to the Global Food Crisis, Richard Berkfield


A Case Study Of The Campaign To Decriminalize Therapeutic Abortion In Nicaragua, Jonit Bookheim


Is Collaboration Always Best? A Close Look at Collaboration Efforts in Pursat, Cambodia, Laura R. Bradley


Rethinking Corruption and anti-corruption: Lessons from the Change Habits Oppose Corruption (CHOC) Program in Cameroon, Nkwenti Francis Che


Media-Based Monitoring and Evaluation for Grassroots Organizations, Wendy Fri Cross


Livestock Policy and Institutional Environment in Ethiopia: implications for fodder policy and adoption, Messaye Taddele Dessie


Sustaining Development Project: Participatory Project Design: A Key for Community Empowerment. A Case Study from a project targeting Exploited, Vulnerable children and Youth in Northern Uganda, Demba Diallo


Participatory Approach from Theory to Practice Case Study: Practical Action Project, Blue Nile State, Sudan, Amy Elhadi


The Correlation of Socio-Economic Status to Consumption Using Greenhouse Gas Emissions as a Measurement, Stephanie B. Freeman


Ensuring Low-Income Californians Access to Green Job Training And Education: Advocating for Amendments to State Senate Bill, Amanda Lane Henry


A Path to Maternal Health: Fostering Positive Interest in Midwifery and Skilled Birth Attendants, Rachel Ellsbeth Hien


Rural development for conflict resolution in the DR Congo Case study of North-Kivu, Jeanne d’Arc Mihigo


Two Rights Don't Make a Wrong: The Dichotomy between Civil and International Rights of the African-American Community in the United States, Fariduddin Muhammad


Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Service Seeking Practices and Preference of Young People: Nambale Sub-county, Iganga District, Uganda, Rebecca Persis Mukaire


Closing the Loop: Community Gardening in Boulder, Colorado, Colleen O’Holleran


All Carrots And No Sticks: A Case Study Of Environment Maryland’s Restore The Chesapeake Bay Campaign, Kim Peabody

A Tale of Two Rivers: A Comparative Policy Analysis of Biodiversity to Montreal's St. Lawrence River and New York City's Lower Hudson River with the Goal of Learning How to Mainstream Biodiversity, Kendra Pierre-Louis


Enough Already! A Case Study on the Ya Basta! Coalition’s Action to Stop the Raids, Libby Quintana


Capoeira: Movement towards Social Change in Salvador, Brazil, Scott T. Robbins

Promoting the Steady State Economy: My Contributions to an Education Based Advocacy Campaign, Deborah Schober


Sustainable Scholarships: A Study Of Cash Transfers In Villa Garcia, Zacatecas, Mexico, Scarlett Shaffer


Reconnecting With Our Food: The Community Food Security Project of Brattleboro, Elizabeth Sheehan


Program Constraints Assessment of the Safe Water Options Component of BRAC’s Wash Program, M. Matthew Styslinger


The Importance Of Effective Interaction Between The Headquarters Staff And The Local Staff In Development Aid: A Case Study Involving A Japanese NGO And Their Malaysian Field Site, Tatsuya Sugiyama


La Chureca - Understanding The Individual: An Appreciative Inquiry Of The Population Living Within The Garbage Dump Of Managua, Nicaragua, Sonya Taly


Monitoring as a Management Tool in Development Programs Case Study: Equatorial Guinea Malaria Control Initiative (EGMCI) and Bioko Malaria Control Project (BIMCP), Roland Kimbi Wango


The Experience of Urban Youth in Chelsea, Massachusetts: A Look at the Traditional Public School System, Laura Weiland

When Access Isn’t Enough: Leveraging Telecenters for Sustainable Development in Egypt, Jonathon A. Williams

Submissions from 2008

Inspiring The Poor To Fight Against Forced Eviction In Indonesia: A Case Study Of The Urban Poor Consortium, Aminullah

The effects of organizational support on project sustainability: Knowledge-sharing and the transition between two managing directors straw bale project in China based on carbon trading credits, Laura Beth Barnes

Learning, Growing & Meeting Requirements: Using Qualitative Evaluation Methods In A Grassroots Organization: The Long-Term Impacts Of Family Support Programs On Family & Community Health & Wellbeing, Nancy Bradford

The Clean Development Mechanism In The Caribbean: Lessons Learned From The Wind Farm Projects In The Dominican Republic And Jamaica, Francisco J. Burgos

Consumer Attitudes Towards Residential Photovoltaic Power In Western Massachusetts, Will Carswell

Sustaining action: building capacity for self-monitoring in community management. Committees for the TOSTAN empowered communities network, Cody N. Donahue

Rights- Based Approach to Governance in Nigeria Using Budget Advocacy: A Case Study of Public Finance Analysis (PFA) Project Implemented by CASSAD in Osun State of Nigeria, Joseph Effiong

Improving Maternal Health in Oaxaca, Mexico: Policies and Recommendations, Jenna M. Farley

Advocacy To Preserve A Peat Swamp Forest In Indonesia Using A Community-Based Management Approach: A Case Study Of The Wahana Bumi Hijau Foundation, Aidil Fitri

Is Achieving Sustainability Possible Through Institutions Of Higher Education?, Amber Garrard

Jamaican Agriculture And Rural Development: Understanding The Young Farmers Of Today, Juliana Goodlaw

Maasai Youth: Careers at the Margins, Kakuta Ole Maimai Hamisi

Integrating Conservation into the Tourist Experience: A Case Study of Lindblad Expeditions’ On-board Fundraising Program for the Galapagos Conservation Fund, Alison Kathleen Hillegeist

Designing A Monitoring And Evaluation System: A Case Study Of A Parent Advocate Program New Monitoring And Evaluation System, Carol Osorio-Flores Hodgman

How Will Energy Efficiency Retrofits Abate The Need For New Fossil Fuel Power In Austin, Texas? Policy Recommendations For Retrofitting Existing Buildings, Matthew Johnson

An External Evaluation: A Case Study of a Design and Implementation Process, Asma Kiran

Case Study: The Impact Of Multiple Partnerships On Client Participation In A Bolivian NGO, Jaclyn Kordell

Enhancing Project Management through Multi-level Participation in Monitoring and Evaluation: The Northern Mountain Poverty Reduction Project in Vietnam, Nguyen Van Manh

To Build Trust: A Psychosocial Inquiry into the Final Status Issues of the Israel/Palestine Conflict in the West Bank, Brian S. Miner

A Common Thread: Coalition Building through Advocacy Planning, Carey A. Morgan

End refugee warehousing:, Angela W. Muthee

Pesticide Use in Thailand: Policy Analysis and Recommendations, Phana Nakkharach

Small and Medium Enterprises in Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam An examination of problems and prospects, Yen Trung Pham

Creating Dependence To Realize Independence. How An Organization Is Trying To Sustainably Relocate Residents Of The Managua City Dump With Minimum Project Design, Brooke M. Pike

Using the Internet and a Youth Exchange Project between the Dheisheh Refugee Camp in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel to Foster Development through Communication, Pablo Daniel Pitcher

The URBANET Trade Justice Campaign in Ghana: A Case Study of Efforts to Involve Indigenous Farmers in Advocacy, Masud Aziz Rauf

Looking Backward, Moving Forward: Success-Based Capacity Building in Rural Brazil, Blake H. Schmidt

Innovative Development Initiatives: Area Based Management Development Program, The South Durban Basin, Julia Slocum

Malawian Secondary School Prevention Program on HIV/AIDS: An examination of youth’s perceptions of assertiveness, a component of Life Skills Education for overcoming the problem., Luwiza Soko Puleni

The Future of Forestry Certification: Struggles over Livelihood and Conservation, Kelly Stoddard

Social Remittances: An Ecuadorian Case Study, Soren Christopher Szczepanek

Obstacles and Approaches to Gender Equality in Sri Lanka, Mitch Teberg

“Money is Vanity but We Need It to Survive": Tourism and Development in the Talamanca Region of Costa Rica, Justin Thomas

Kindle Farm Children’s Services: An Examination of Its Impact on the Children, Prem P. Timsina

Local Foods And Low-Income Communities: Expanding Access To Farmers’ Markets, Megan Van de Mark

The Thin Line Between Influence And Interference: Lessons Learned from an Examination of US Democracy Promotion Efforts in Bolivia, Elliot D. Williams

Beyond Mass Action: A Study Of Collective Organizing Among Liberian Women Using Feminist Movement Perspectives, Korto Williams

The Effectiveness And Development Sustainability Of NGOs’ Approach To Modernizing Ecological Issues: A Case Study Of The Sustainable Colorado Water Caucus’ Initiatives, I Made Anom Wiranata

Submissions from 2007

Development Or Disintegration: A Social Impact Focus Of Ecotourism In Costa Rica, Mandy Aaberg

Faith in International Development – an Islamic Perspective, Shodi Abdulvasiev

Advocacy in Myanmar: Planning for Save the Children, Khin Mar Aung

Socially Engaged Spirituality: Spiritual Motivation For Social Change In Delegations To The Bajo Lempa Region Of El Salvador, Michelle Balek

Education and Development: Examining Curriculum for Children with Physical Disabilities BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee), Bangladesh, Lamia Bouziane

Profitable Sustainability: The Future of the Millennium Business, Vikas Budakoti

Bridging Microenterprise Development with Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: Coping With Mission Drift in Ghana, John Eliot Burg

The World Exists in a Mustard Seed: Grassroots Resistance in the Quest for Food Sovereignty, Rachel Fesler-Schnitzer