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Submissions from 2013

The Impacts of Education: A Case Study of Muslim Women in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, Margo Brookfield, University of Oregon

What Really Matters: A Triangular Study of Gender Roles and Standards of Beauty in Cameroon Through the Lens of Television Advertisements, Deborwah Faulk, Spelman College

Vision 2035 and the Kribi Deep Seaport: An analysis of the Economic Impacts for Cameroon, Charlotte Fisken, Pomona College

Socio-Cultural Barriers to Family Planning Access, Aasha Jackson, Brown University

Elle doit s’épanouir: The Women’s Entrepreneurial Program and Women’s Empowerment in Dschang, Melanie Meisenheimer, Gettysburg College

Assessing the Senate: Political Opinion Among Cameroonian Youth, Rebeccah Rendall, Butler University

“Breastfeeding Perceptions and Practices” A Comparative Study of Two Opposing Socio-Economic Level Quarters within Yaoundé, Cameroon, Alexandria J. Ross, Syracuse University

Submissions from 2012

The Perceptions, Problems, and Possibilities of Cameroonians with Mental Disabilities: A Case study of Le Centre National de Réhabilitation des Personnes Handicapées de Yaoundé, Lauren Miller, Hope College

East versus West: Chinese and American Development Efforts and Perceptions in Cameroon, Grace Perkins, The College of William & Mary

Le Communautarisme au Cameroun : Analyse Comparative Entre les Associations Ethniques et les Associations Non-Ethniques et Leurs Effets à Yaoundé, Lauren R. Stocks-Smith, Bucknell University

Submissions from 2011

Counting Cailloux, Multiplying Mambos: An Analysis of Mathematics Education in Cameroonian Primary Schools, Rachel Elzinga, Hope College

Politics of Road Development in Cameroon, James Patrick Leslie Harris, Johns Hopkins University

Reproductive Realities: Fulani Women & Contraception, Corrina Regnier, Vassar College

The Crisis of Unity in the 21st Century: The Unrealized Dream of Pan-Africanism in Cameroon, Araba Sapara-Grant, Syracuse University

L’Entrepreneuse et la Réunion Examining ROSCAs and Women’s Entrepreneurship in Bafoussam, Cameroon, Elizabeth Verity, University of the South

Submissions from 2010

An Accident Waiting to Happen: A Study of Taxi Driving Mentality in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Brittany Daniels, Stonehill College

De Sous le Matelas: La Capacité d’Épargne des Propriétaires de Petites Entreprises Dans le Réseau de Microfinance de UNICS, Ali Urban, Middlebury College

Submissions from 2009

OPACITY: A Socioeconomic Study of Diamond Mining in South-Eastern Cameroon, Steven Fox, University of Richmond

L’intérêt de Tous : Des Rapports Entre les Bamiléké et les Béti d’un Quartier Populaire et d’un Quartier Résidentiel à Yaoundé, Gabrielle E. Friedman, Middlebury College

Perceptions of Microfinance in Cameroon: A Case Study of UNICS, Yaoundé, Ian Long, Vassar College

Cool Head, Warm Heart: Governance and the Mission of Microfinance in the Case of MC2 Micro-Banks, Cameroon, Claire Ruffing, Boston College

Submissions from 2008

The Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine In Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, Alison Hardy, Wesleyan University

The Interplay of Peace, Justice, and Logic: Bali-Bawock as a Case Study for Inter-Ethnic Land Disputes, Masumi Hayashi-Smith, Brown University

The Union des Populations du Cameroun and Third World Internationalism: Solidarity, Cooperation, and Abandonment, 1955-1970, Jamie Stevenson, Vassar College

Submissions from 2007

Development in Our Own Words: A Survey of Development Perspectives Between Cameroonians and Americans in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Frieda L. Arenos, University of Vermont

Along the River Soumsoum: Urban Agriculture in Ngaoundéré, Winnie Fay Bell, Northeastern University

Endangered ? Yambetta in its Speech Community, Carolyn Benbow, Pacific Lutheran University

“Le Goût de Travail:” Work Value for Bamiléké Children, Diana Carlson, Northwestern University

Structural and Financial Constraints for Arabica Coffee Planters, Chloe Wardropper, Wesleyan University

Preludes to Violence: A Comparative Look at the Pre-Maquis Period and Contemporary Cameroonian Society, Mathew Welch, Pomona College

Submissions from 2006

Women’s Literacy in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, Brianne Carpenter, Hope College

“Il Faut Manger” : Eating Disorders in Cameroonian Women, Jennifer Madowitz, Wesleyan University

Positive Living: Nutritional Realities and Interventions for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Northwest Province, Cameroon, Rachael Massell, Duke University

Submissions from 2005

Remember Ruben? L’Histoire de Ruben Um Nyobé à Travers la Société Camerounaise, Katelyn Knox, Williams College