Journal of Critical Global Issues

Publication Ethics Statement

For Authors

Authors who publish their work in the Journal of Critical Global Issues are responsible for accurate and complete reporting of the work that they present. Authors are equally responsible for obtaining approval to conduct their research from the appropriate ethics review governing body in their research context (e.g., an Institutional Review Board in the United States) and obtaining consent from participants to share their information, whether in the aggregate or individually, with the public. Authors must ensure that the work they submit is original and, when necessary, provide appropriate citation and reference to prior published work that informed their own work. All authors listed on a particular manuscript must have made a substantial contribution to the work itself. Authors are required to alert the editorial board upon submission of a particular manuscript of any conflicts of interest.

For Editorial Board Members

The Journal of Critical Global Issues editorial board is committed to following best practices on ethical concerns in publication, including correction of errors and retraction of published manuscripts, as needed. The editorial board evaluates and makes decisions about submitted manuscripts based solely on the academic merit of the manuscript itself and not with regard to characteristics of the author(s) and/or research context. Decisions to edit or publish work are at the sole discretion of the editorial board and, ultimately, the editor-in-chief. It is the responsibility of the editorial board to ensure a double-blind peer review process that is free from bias based on characteristics of the author(s) and/or the research context of a particular manuscript. Should a situation arise when an editorial board member feels that the review process has been compromised for a particular manuscript, they should alert the editor-in-chief immediately.

For Reviewers

Reviewers must provide an objective peer review that is supported with evidence. Like authors, reviewers are expected to follow standard citation practices when referencing the ideas of others. Reviewers should alert the editor should the suspect that a manuscript is not the original work of the author(s) (plagiarism). Reviewers should not review a manuscript in the case of conflict of interest and should alert the editorial board if such a case arises. Reviewers are responsible for prompt and thorough manuscript review and should not agree to review a manuscript if such a review is not possible.