The Capstone Paper is written by students in the SIT Graduate Institute Master of Arts degree programs. Capstones reassess theoretical knowledge in light of professional experience in the form of a final research paper, incorporating both classroom knowledge and practicum based experience.

The full-text of papers written prior to July 2011 in the Capstone Collection are limited to SIT and other World Learning faculty, staff, students, and alumni. If you are not affiliated with SIT or World Learning and want access to these papers contact your local library and ask about requesting the hard copy on interlibrary loan. Full-text papers written after July 2011 are openly accessible to the public.

Due to copyright restrictions some papers are not available full-text electronically. World Learning affiliated students and staff can check these papers out of the library or, if you are off-campus, request them via interlibrary loan


Submissions from 2008

An Integrated Model of Health Literacy: The Role of Non-formal Education Groups in HIV/AIDS Health-Seeking Behaviors in Rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Leanne N. Wolff

Submissions from 2007

University Of California, Irvine: A model to formally develop international exchanges, Tasha S. Alexander

Up North, Down South: Natural Resource Management in Australia and New Zealand, Nicole Anderson

Mutuality: Opportunities and Challenges in International Service-Learning Programs in Oaxaca, Mexico, Melanie Arsenault

Intercultural Communicative Competence In TESOL Programs Across The Northeast, Kathereine Bryant

Combating the Sophomore Slump and Declining Retention Rates: An Experiential Academic Program for Second Year International Students, Christy Burke

JustLearning: Creating Socially Responsible Citizens Through Community-Based Learning and Critical Experience on the U.S./Mexico Border, Amy Burrows

There’s No Place Like Home: Heritage-Seeking In The Experiences Of U.S. Students Of African Descent On SIT Study Abroad Programs, Akilah Clarke

An Assessment Design for the Peking University – Yale University, Susan Coleman

Reconcilable Differences? A Case Study Of An Undergraduate Double-Degree Program Between A French Grande École For Business And A Liberal Arts Institution In The United States, Joellen Crider

Multicultural Education In North Carolina: How Is The State Preparing Its Teachers To Change Education? The Case of East Carolina University, Rebecca Denton

Multicultural Education in North Carolina: How is the State Preparing its Teachers to Change Education? The Case of East Carolina University, Rebecca Denton

Urgent Need for International Programs, Heidi Dietz

International University Students in Thailand: Their Experiences and Understandings of the Host Culture, Dacia L. Gauer

How Two Universities Respond to Third Culture Kids during the College Choice Process, Steven Gist

You Can’t Always Get What You Want: NGO Needs versus Preparation for Overseas Volunteer Abroad Work in India, Jennifer Hickman

Internationalizing Seattle: What is the perceived impact on Seattle-based community members meeting with international visitors traveling under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program?, Chrissy Hyde

Developing Interculturally Competent and Global Citizens: An Intercultural Communications Course for High School Students, Katherine Irwin


The Impact of the Undergraduate Study Abroad Experience on Ethnic Identity Development Among African American Women, Allegra Johnson

The Experienced Volunteer: Creating a Volunteer Abroad Program for Retired Adults, Katherine A. Kammann


Assessing the Impact of Study Abroad on Career Development for Economics Majors, Kelly Keniston

The Impact of a Long-Term Dropout Prevention Program on Four Hispanic Students Currently Enrolled in Post-Secondary Education, Arpita Kishen

Cross-Cultural Connections: Program Innovations For Host Integration On ‘Island’-Style Study Abroad, Jessica Sze Phing Loh

Thai Scholars Orientation: Best Practices In International Student Orientation, Rebecca A. Miller

Education Abroad Reciprocity Students at the University of California at Berkeley: An Innovative International Student Orientation Program Design, Shannon M. Plath

Examining the Challenges and Unique Issues of San Francisco Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Undergraduate Students in Study Abroad Programs, Naoko Sakata

Effects Of Types Of Housing On Freshmen International Students’ Social Patterns And Involvement, Rosemarie Schuette

Would Someone Please Think Of The Children: Parents’ Perceptions Of The Impact Of International Students On Their Children, Julia Shuster

Land of a Thousand Hills: Socioeconomic Development in Post-Conflict Rwanda, Anne Stern

Scottsdale Community College: A Short-Term Education Abroad Program Designed for the Non-Traditional Student, Jennifer Sydow

Segregation Or Integration: Why Are International Students In American Colleges Sitting Together In The Cafeteria?, Hisako Umemura

The Globalization Of An Independent Day School, Elizabeth N. Yavenditti

Submissions from 2006

The beyond generations : reflections from Italian-American students within a study abroad experience in Italy, Catherine Ciarrocchi

A study of the strengths and weakenesses of the Brazilian Bosa Escola educational program, Brian Dockery

Beloit College Study Abroad students' outcomes : a closer look at reenty programming and students' perceptions of their learning, Kimberly Evon

Domestic Internationalization: Developing Competencies for Economically Underprivileged American Undergraduate Students at Home Campus, Eka Gabelia

Experiential Blackness: Connecting Double Consciousness with Intercultural Competence, Reagan Elizabeth James Jackson

Group Dynamics and Study Abroad: A Case Study of Group Development in a Field-Based “Island” Study Abroad Program, Laura Jane Manley

Public versus private : a case study of primary school education quality Gamba, Gabon, Rachel A. Maris-Wolf

Organizational culture of educational non-government organizations in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan, Eddie McGee

Contributions Made and Challenges Faced by Foreign Born International Educators (FBIE) at Duke University: In Relating to Campus Internationalization, Mayumi Nakamura

First to college! First abroad? : factors influencing a first-generation college student's decision whether to study abroad, Susan W. Parsons

International Spouses In A University Setting: A Marginalized Population In Need Of Support, Marlene Marie Perrine

Immigrant women in Italy : Italian women and immigrant women in Umbria : a comparison of perceptions, Monica Pulci

The challenges of international admissions and recruiting since 9/11 : a comparative study of recruitment strategies at several midwestern universities and colleges, Michelle Quizon Harken

Sports, immersion and study abroad at the Syracuse University London program, Joseph Sweet

The Properu Stove Project: Expanding The Field Of International Education By Recruiting Tourists As Participants, Michael A. Waugh

Reentry adjustment : international student offices preparing international students to return to their home countries after graduation, Shannon E. Williams

Pre-Departure Orientation: How It Affects Students’ Expectations Abroad, Megan Wood

Submissions from 2005

To life in exile : the stories of six Tibetan women, Michelle Bos-Lun

To Pay or Not To Pay: Motivations of International Volunteers in Three Work camps in Three Countries, Brenden Butler

Coming full circle : is reentry support helping students move through the experiential learning cycle and/or why isn't anyone coming to our pizza party?, Lisa Diane Chappell

Not lost in translation : a comparative study of effective on-site student services and guidance at three U.S. undergraduate study abroad programs in Japan, Karen Lee Craig

The Home Stay: A Gendered Perspective: Viewpoints of the Host Family Experience from International Studies Abroad (ISA) Program Participants, Heather Gutel

To 'inter'act or not 'inter'act : student experiences with the Beloit College Inter Program, Josielyn Inaldo

The Azerbaijan Connections and Exchange Program : did Spring 2005 participation affect students' worldviews?, Mark Lydon

Integrating Undergraduate Research and Study Abroad: Students’ Perceptions on the Effects of Undergraduate Research Abroad on Student Development, Friederike S. Muehls

The impact of study abroad participants' personal and professional development, Galina A. Ostanina

Perceptions of service in international service learning, Katherine N. Punteney

The impact of an online orientation program on the cross-cultural learning of study abroad students, Oscar Emile Romero

21st-Century Human Resource Development: The Cross-Cultural Compatibility of 360-Degree Feedback, Alia Santini

Finding meaning : outcomes of short-term experiential education abroad programs revealed, Kirsten Sheppard

Bringing the Big World to a Small Campus: A Study of the Internationalization Process at Edgewood College, Deborah Stengle

Action-based trust : a pathway to voter participation among community-based national service volunteers in Kerala, India, Cecil Thomas

Submissions from 2004

The life cycle of student-generated education abroad program evaluation information in higher education : an exploratory study, Doug Beck

The Impact of Interracial Interactions on US Students Studying Abroad: an Exploratory Case Study, Kimberly Cressy

Stakeholder perceptions of the use of outcomes assessment in study abroad, Eowyn Louise Greeno

An Assessment of Internationalization as Perceived by Faculty Members at Virginia Wesleyan College, Hiroyoshi Hiratsuka

Transformative learning : a framework for outcomes assessment of university study abroad experiences, Anelise Zadona Hofmann

Learning how to learn without an academic institution : a case study of the potentials and pitfalls for an independent experiential off-campus program, Chris Kjonaas

Educator's experience with the New Curriculum in South Africa, Jill Schurr

The program of mutual interests : a search for new concepts of international education in the context of globalization, Olga Trofymenko

Submissions from 2003

Saudi Student Needs in Rural Montana, Elizabeth A. Ballinger

Post September 11 : college international student offices, management plans, and student support in a time of crisis, Karen M. Bauer

Does experience speak? : a study of the perceptions and actions of select expatriate English teachers with three months to seven years experience in Japan within the classroom culture of Japanese students studying English, Matthew Eng

Meeting the Needs of International Students on the Internet, Erika Therese Nelson

The Muskie/FREEDOM Support Act Exchange Program and Social Reforms: A Participant's Perspective, Olga Ptichenko

Connecting Students to Practitioners: Using Asynchronous Discussion Boards in Nonviolent Peace Education, Christian Sinclair

Exploring Returned Peace Corps Volunteers’ Experiences with Community-Based Training in Nepal, Patrick Wesner

Submissions from 2002

The Impact of International Service on the Personal Development of Participants of the Operation Crossroads Africa Seven-Week Program, Paul Fairbanks

Good intentions for Grafenhainichen : cross-cultural training for youth, Robin S. Mueller

Submissions from 1980


A Study of the Possible Implications of Current Institutional Practices on the Future of International Higher Education and a Broader Higher Education Bubble, Tamer Khadre